Thursday, May 30, 2013

PlayStation 4, Facebook, Privacy Concerns, new Player Profile

Screen shot of the future Play Station Player's Profile showing the player's actual name. SONY 2013

It's been now 3 months since we got that first taste of Play Station 4 and since Microsoft announced the controversial XBOX One. For once, Play Station learned from it mistakes gearing a presentation to warm up the gamer's interests.
Play Station 3 under the slogan "it just does it all" was introduced to us as an entertainment machine that plays games. The presentation of Play Station 4 minus the console was geared to attract us toward the console. It will come with one controller, one headset, Playstation Move dual camera and Mic. All that sound sweet, but there's a new way of playing that worries us those who grew playing the NES, the old school gamers, and specially those parents of the PS3, XBOX 360 and WII generation and is matter of safety and privacy.


For Once, playstation was the first to unveil a player's profile linked to Facebook together with full name and  picture. Let's see a real life event. Marty004872 has connected his PS4 account to Marty Stewart. He jumps into a Call of Duty Ghosts lobby and get into a shouting match with some guy. This some guy quit the game and jump to the computer and make a search on Marty Stewart a 17yo man. Unfortunately Marty has his father in Facebook. The angry gamer now googles George Stewart and returns an address for the subject. Marty is unaware he has a target on his head.
The event above doesn't represent a real family but may be a real event in the future. Guys like Marty and myself have created fancy names to hide our real self. Connecting our real names to our gamer tags is not the way to go. Let's add more to this issue. I posted a video on Youtube then onto my facebook a MW3 sniping massacre 10 Kills no death. While on YouTUBE I received views and likes, on Facebook it was ignored. NOT EVERYBODY IN FACEBOOK CARES WHAT I DO IN GAMING.
So what should Play Station do? Let's no deny that the new player profile looks futuristic and they should keep it. However, there has to be a little tweek done to the player's profile. When the player decide to connect Facebook, first the player should create a page for the gamer tag. In this case Marty004872 should create a Facebook page under the same name. PS4 should make a tweak to the software, add a drop box where would ask "Connect as:" now Mr Stewart can pick to connect the page to PS4 and still maintain his privacy. Would be nice if Sony worked with Facebook about socializing. Let's say Marty004872 add Xcalibur007828 to his Playstation friends, the next time Marty logs in to the facebook page for Marty00472, Xcalibur007828 should appear as suggested pages to follow. Just like the pages we follow. When Marty Stewart is connected as Marty Stewart this page is not suggested but is suggested when he's Marty00472. I think is a great way to keep gamers connected, busy looking at friends' achievements and postings. OF COURSE that the current feature of showing the Facebook friends who play certain games and are on Facebook should port toward PS4. Currently if you play Black Ops 2 or Modern Warfare 3 you can see who in facebook plays the game. It would only show you the person's gamer tag.

If you agree with the views expressed in this article don't hesitate to tweet it to @sony or @playstation as well as send the link to playstation facebook and youtube page. It will be greatly appreciated

Let me know your opinion on this matter and other future gaming matters.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How clear do we see our internet needs? (Clear internet review)

Clear wireless connection speed in Brooklyn NY

In this world of high traffic of information is good to know that there are many choices out there. However, we have to be very careful with what we get into.

This month I went through the unfortunate event of losing my internet connection entirely. I was looking for other options and this company definitely called my attention. Their modem is super small which allow me to hold it in one hand and nobody even notice that I'm carrying an internet modem with me. Something else that called my attention was the fact that it was $49.99. Ok I understand, it's somewhat regular to expensive price for internet in the USA. In the case of Clear Wireless it was expensive. At this stage of Technology DSL the fastest internet introduced after the death of 56KB/s Dial up is currently 14.99/mo to 30.00 a month. It's still pretty decent speed compared to some services. So what can you expect of $49.99? the best internet possible.
IMW-C910W Clear hotspot limited edition
I like to always look at all sides of stuff and so let's take a look at the good and the bad of having Clear Wireless internet services.

  • The modem is super small it fits perfectly on pockets, bag or similar packaging
  • Ease of acquisition. I got mine out of the supermarket down the street, it available almost everywhere you can pretty much shop it with your bread. Watch out, don't eat it with your bread.
  • Ease to sign up I didn't even show an ID 
  • No contract so I can quit any time which I actually did
  • Take it on the road. Since it uses 4G signal, this device can be taken on the road, let's say you have low data plan on your cellphone and you still need a GPS system which you don't have on your car but your cellphone do, this is a great tool to take on the road
  • Flat rate just like any regular internet
  • Good for web browsing

I felt cheated I was promised I could game online games like call of duty for example. I was promised somewhere I read about 7MB/s download speed. I barely made it past 2MB/s and that was in New York City. The picture above showing the speed was taken when I was using nothing but my computer. I was told I could plug up to 8 devices on this internet, I plugged my computer and some sites were loading at some decent speed, I decided to watch Netflix at the same time on my playstation. I saw the system reloading the movie for better quality. I ended up watching the movie in Standard definition despite being HD, then I decided to give my cellphone data plan a break by switching to WiFi mode. At this point I am amazed to see how slow google is actually loading. If you want to test how slow your connection is, just try to load the simplest website in the world which is pretty much a blank screen with couple of buttons. By the time my girlfriend plugged in her Nook tablet, I lost connection or couldn't connect to the server in many cases.
I called customer support and the service was extremely horrible, I ended up super upset and hanging up the phone on the guy's face literally.
After so much bad service, I couldn't believe that 15 days after officially started my internet plan I got a survey which I filled up with honest answers including I'm not recommending this service to my friends and family. I went as far as to say that this technology would be loved in 2001 making Clear the best internet provider in the planet but not in 2013.
Horrible for video streaming: I pretty much stopped all activities on youtube including uploading videos. It took me 1 hour and a half to upload a 5 minutes video to youtube.
When I was done with them I couldn't find a cancel button, I had to call them again. This time thankfully some very sweet young lady answered the phone. Instead of me saying I'm done, I'm out, maybe 5 minutes and that's it. I went 15 minutes into this conversation I felt I was smoothly being pushed into keeping the service despite having a faster internet at home. I basically told her my new service provider, my speeds and OH yeah since she got me a little pissed with that, I compared my new speed with the old speed.
Optimun Online my new-old provider. Notice the speed jump
Remember I told you I took the speed check with the hotspot from Clear and my computer only? Well this one is more unfair I had 2 cellphones, my PS3 and the computer plugged to the wireless and a smart TV to the wired connection. I am not the sole user of this I don't know who else was connected. I am not promoting Optimum online, you can get very similar speeds with Time Warner Cable (in New York, check with your provider to see what they can offer) However this isn't even the fastest yes I have internet faster than 62% of USA but there's a group that is faster that's Verizon Fios customers, also even faster as fast as 1GB/s is Google Fiber (available only in Kansas as of now) Google Fiber cost about $70/mo and 120/mo with TV. I have a cheaper, when unbundled is about U$54.99/mo. Ok I was paying $49.99/mo, Wasn't I supposed to get at least 9MB/s down per 1.00MB/s up and justify the missing speed on the fact that I can take this internet to the road?
Another lesson I learned during internet downtime which was actually caused for a faulty wireless router is that  wireless routers get old, they are not intended to be used by our children and grandchildren (supposing you are 16-30 with not kids yet) I have the very same service from last month and last month when I ran the speed test I was getting 7MB/s downstream per 0.95MB/s upstream. The router in use was a 10 years old WRT54GL from Linksys and I didn't know the wireless modems had a top speed which was reached. I'm now using a Netgear N600 which actually has a top wireless speed of 300MB/s so don't cheat yourself away of speed you are paying for, make sure you know what's your router's speed, specially when is at least 5 years old.

In conclusion, Clear has a lot to improve on if they mean to compete and or be relevant in this advanced world. Youtube, and many others video sites are very popular for any person with access to the internet and if they can't get what they want, there would be more blogs about this popping up every single minute. Be very careful what you pick, invest your money wisely.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Modern Warfare 3 Broken again?

It's being one more year, one more Call Of Duty have been released. Black Ops 2 is out to a great month, yet Modern Warfare 3 find ways to still surprise. During one of my gameplays the system went crazy giving me 15999XP per kill on Kill Confirmed instead of the usual 50XP. As you can appreciate in the video below, there's nothing special about the gameplay in fact I was checking at the scoreboard too much which caused me to be standing like an idiot in the middle of a fight yet a regular kill was worth 15999XP. That happened this November 19th. The video is not high quality it was recorded with a Galaxy S 3 cellphone rather than a game capture device but you can definitely appreciate how broken MW3 is about to get. After the game I contacted Infinity Ward via twitter. This is the beauty of our times you can even contact the president directly if you like. I explained the issue and I didn't have the problem after that. My stats were reset as they were before playing that game, the loss was taken off my records and I was put back to Prestige 12 level 40. Oh, I went way back in time and played Black Ops and it seemed like it was the game that was released this year. It ran smoothly and no glitch. Two years ago when Black Ops was released, MW2 was unplayable. I entered a game at level 27 no prestige. Found a lobby full of invincible people, people walking on imaginary ladders, flying around, no custom class just switch gun and is all the guns of the game, camping outside the map's walls. Played that game and when I was done with a ridiculous 5-17 I got promoted to the last prestige and last level. Never again played modern warfare 2. This year, MW3 seem to start giving problems.

Many of you reading don't care because U$60.00 is like change to your pockets, but correct me if I'm wrong. The game is rated M-17 meaning only people over 17 should play it, yet 14-16yo are predominant as well as those between 17-40. Let's focus on those 14-16yo kids. They go to school all year then work all summer long to get their Play Station, or Xbox or which ever console they prefer. Young people tend to go overboard. So instead of $60.00 they pay $120 for the Elite version. that's a lot of money specially when you worked your summer with a boss you possibly didn't like that much then end up disappointed because your game don't work a year later. Come on Infinity Ward. It gets worse for others. Most Modern Warfare 3 lobbies are full of holiday shoppers again around ages 14-19 they got their MW3, possibly Black Ops during Christmas and are anxious to get Black Ops 2 this Christmas. The only game they have now is MW3 and they get this crappy issue. It's it fair? Leave me your opinion below and visit my new YouTube Channel coming HD pretty soon. Thanks for your time.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Your Attitude and your social and physical health

Hello ladies and gentlemen and thank you all for your continuous support to this blog and welcome to all of you new to the craziest the happiest blog on the internet. If you are not happy with the content and want to send a complaint just enter your e mail on the box on your left and click "submit" if you are happy with the content you read here do the same enter your e mail on the box on top of my picture on the left and all new entries will be e mailed to you as we post. Also don't forget to share with your friends via twitter facebook and google plus even myspace.
Positive attitude sometimes gets ignored and don't get the credit deserved and to be honest some people under estimate it maybe because they don't have it and to be honest with you a positive attitude is the hardest to maintain. I tell you right now I can start a big argument right now about the government and be all mad about it all day long. Not happy with that I go to a sporting event and find something to be mad about. I go and watch the Mets my favorite team beat up the other team 11-0 still I get mad because Ike Davis struck out with the bases loaded and ignoring the fact that he homered in that game. You see how easy is to be negative? Let's continue with the same "suppose game" Johan Santana strikes out 12 batters in that complete game yet I get upset he could have struck out 13 but with a 3-2 count the umpire called a strike as a ball resulting in a walk. See how easy is getting negative?
Now let me ask you something, Is that a healthy attitude? would people want to hang out with you with such an horrible attitude? I had the pleasure of reading "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen and this is what he had to say " the command of glad and beautiful thoughts it becomes clothed with youthfulness and beauty... Sicky thoughts will express themselves through a sickly body." WOW wasn't that powerful? I have had my days everybody is human I had my days where I go to sleep upset over something. The next day I feel drained like if someone sucked my energy while I was asleep, I don't want to get up, feel unusually tired sometimes even falling asleep while getting dressed. I don't feel sick is just out of energy. Then I recall the night before and realize is the time to change my attitude get up, dust off, and get ready to face this brand new day. I have come to realize that I'm more vulnerable when I'm affected by something. The winter of 2010 was the worst for me health wise. I look back and I realized what happened it wasn't the clothing I actually wore suit and on top of that a really good coat. Let's go back two months before that. I had a job I was the head of my department of just two, I thought everybody was my friend I was very happy there, I also had a business growing my team was small but I was traveling with two good friends of mine. I got fired from my job unexpectedly, my two friends quit on me and the business, the blog I just started wasn't receiving as many visits as I was expecting. True, it was in the beginning a site where I would just post random thoughts I wasn't looking for visits but once I started to get a few I wanted more. The Spanish version was a dismal at the moment I was receiving ridiculous amount of visits from non Spanish speaking countries and zero from Spanish speaking countries. All that was boiling up to a very upset me, nothing was looking up for me and I was tired of trying to stay positive and getting a slap in my face.
Let's jump to winter 2011-12 what happened to me health wise. I didn't even feel it was winter. True I got couple of episodes where I lost my voice momentarily but that was because of me practicing toward my youtube channel commentator tryouts and the cold weather. Let see what happened. My attitude changed I'm a happy man now expecting my first child OH YEAH I didn't say that before but my first born is almost here and I'm very excited. That alone made my attitude change 180 degrees, got a job, got promoted in my job now I'm an office manager, my relationship with those really close to me is way better now, I'm enjoying the fact that I'm writing and someone is reading. I wish I could see some comments.
My point in all this is that your attitude make you a healthier person and a better person. If you keep beating yourself over and over you will as well kill yourself.
Attitude, whatever attitude you bring you must always remember that will impact somebody at some point. People will either praise your attitude or will regret ever crossing paths with you. At the end of the day is up to you to decide how you want people to remember interacting with you.
A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Julia. Julia was a giant ball of energy very very interactive, sweet, welcoming, and a very impressive woman. Now let's take a look at Julia physically. An Asian woman barely standing 5 foot tall I believe she was around 4'8" in her late 60's I only know that because she said her age otherwise she looked nearly 20 years younger. I didn't meet her personally she was brought in by someone who helped her to seat by a teacher. Jenn and I were traveling to Brooklyn from Queens in the bus. She was talking to everybody she said hi to everybody as she was being escorted to her seat. She was moving to East New York Brooklyn and since all of her family was busy at the moment and couldn't help until like a few days later she took matters in her own hands. To me and to everybody this was very impressive because most people at her age retired and are just sitting around watching golf, traveling if they were lucky enough to have a good job in their youth. This woman instead was moving all the stuff she could to her new home. She said "you never know, people say they are gonna help you but just to make sure I the move is done I do myself what I can." all this with a big smile in her face, and this confidence that could be felt like an earthquake rows of seats away from her. Even people that were reading, listening to music stopped to listen to this woman. She left the bus many stops before mine and we continued talking about her. When I left the bus I realized that I would never talk to the person next to Jenn and the person behind and in front of me if it wasn't for a small but powerful energy ball named Julia. I could have get the contact information from everybody in that bus if I wanted to. It was even more shocking to me that one of the riders of the bus met a friend on the train we were transferring to and she spoke about this woman and suddenly the three people next to them were not talking but they were listening they were all nodding their head.
You see how the voice of someone's attitude spread? Now my question to close this topic is: How do you want to impact people today? do you want people to remember you as the positive individual? Do you want people to thank whatever God or force they believe in for putting you in their path? Or in contrast Do you want to be the one getting kicked out of the bus? Do you want to be hated? Do you want to be insulted? Do you want people to regret the moment you got in their paths?
Whatever decision you make I want you to remember that this not only affect your life socially but also physical and mental, that every time you change your attitude you also make possible for your health to change. I will prefer to be remembered in a good way when I depart a place, I want people to thank God they met me and send blessings my way. But I'm not sitting around being negative I work hard to keep myself positive. I'm not like Julia I wish I could match that energy but in the meantime I'm working to get there.

Thanks all you are a wonderful audience thank you for spending your valuable time with me and thank you for sharing this with your peers I see you in a new entry. :)

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Known issues with Facebook Sims Social: the disocialization

A screen shot of my Sims main home in Sims Social in Facebook
Hello and welcome to another edition of your favorite blog. This time I will go off topic with the blog and will let you learn a little bit more about me. When I made the blog was for inspirational purposes and also sometimes express myself.
I love to read from great personalities like Les Brown, JC Maxwell, and others, but another thing that you guys didn't know about me is that I'm a gamer. I mostly play call of duty, any sport game like NBA 2K12. When I'm not playing on the Play Station I'm playing on Facebook.
Undeniably the most captivating game of the decade is The Sims. One thing that make the Sims appealing is the fact that you can basically create a fictitious life. On August 2011 The Sims social was launched for Facebook. I immediately jumped into this game. I liked playing this game early on, I still like it. But I have been noticing a decline and there's no mystery on why.
Just like anything EA put it hands into. Perhaps the most successful series they had was NBA Street. This was the game to play back in 2002-04. But EA messing things up destroyed the franchise releasing "NBA homecourt) The game seemed to be the same old street ball game but was all cartoon. EA is also behind the Sims and the Sims social. I have noticed great changes in the game. Now I can invite people to my house, starting in February 2012. Is great because it sucks to have a great house and you can't see how others interact in your house. However I can only do limited stuff with the visiting Sim. If you notice the picture above I don't have a sofa, I chose to have two seats in front of my TV. The visiting Sim can't sit because I'm using the seat. After continuous failures I came to realize that my Sim only use one. I removed the other seat via "Shop" and I get the message "I need somewhere to sit". But that's not all.
The biggest frustration of this game is the famous quests. They give you weekly sometimes biweekly challenges for you to accomplish within certain period of times. Sure you should have some challenges but some challenges are ridiculous. Let's start for the ones that have frustrated me and other players the most.
Since Myspace years is known that people don't look at others people's profiles. Some of the frustrations that people have is that to complete a quest you must post it on your wall and pray for friends to click on your links and help you out. I have come to the desperation point sometimes commenting on my own postings and tagging other Sims players. Trying to be a good neighbor I also created a special list in my Facebook where I list all of my fellow Sims players so I can see when they post on their wall. Still the whole "Sims neighborhood" end up with uncompleted quests. Another issue that result in uncompleted quests. Some ridiculous requests that can never be completed no matter what. I recall one for the month of February for some reason the French week was also the sexual week. Here's the problem with that quest. I had to contact couple of female players and agree to start a romantic relationship with my Sim in order to complete the quest even though my Sim is in a happy relationship with the Sim of my real life girlfriend.
I needed to woohoo (Sim for have sex) with 3 different Sims. My friends agreed. Here is the problem, in order to start a romantic relationship with another Sim I had to break up with my girlfriend. Out of every relationships in the Sims the most complicated to develop and I wasn't breaking it for the sake of a quest. More problems. Note the four heads on the left side of the screen with a red text under. If you haven't play the Sims social I have to explain to you that this represent active quests. The one in the bottom is the relaxation week, I have to deal with relaxation week and they start with another quest right away give me a break EA.
Relaxation week also had it issues. Can you explain me how relaxation and kissing are related? For the second stage of the quest they asked me to kiss 3 different Sims. I said this is given, one of my Sim quality is "great kisser" so he has "steamy make out" I just kiss my girl, go out flirt with couple of sims, make out with them, then to avoid romantic relationship get them upset and destroy the romantic momentum. That sounds like a fantastic. NO is not. It happens that make out don't count as kissing in the Sims social. They had "romantic kiss" and "shy kiss" for people I don't have a romantic relationship with  and "kiss" for romantic relationship. Here's the problem, in order to kiss another Sim I was required to break up with my girlfriend.
WTF EA? can you do one thing right someday in your life? Is bad enough that people spend time on your stupid game time that we could have spend doing productive stuff like reading a book, learning a new trade, actually working. I think I have spend around 15 hours of my weeks on your game and this is what I get? Then to make it worse the game gets discriminative and impossible to complete for certain groups. Then to make it even worse I get so frustrated that I wanted to make my voice be heard at EA and there's no way of reaching the studio. No wonder 2K whooped your behind last year with the release of NBA 2K11 and now NBA 2k12 where did NBA Live go? even with the endorsement of ESPN 2K took you down. True, MLB 2K is not their best game because their MLB development team tend to ignore the fans but NBA 2K listen. Anyway EA continue this road since the destruction of NBA street. To me the best game of the Franchise was Street V2 after the destruction of that franchise I love EA as much as I love my headaches and tooth aches.
I think I will definitely stop playing this game and go with the flock to play Angry Birds, seem more exciting than this game that just keep frustrating everybody. How in the F$#$ world cleaning have to do with greek week? This game is getting stupid by the day.

Major pluses for this game
  • Truly create an empire by working out all your skills and earning money in everything, build a wonderful house.
  • Major big plus. Since we are rich, it sucks staying all year long in the same house. As of March now we can build a house in the beach that gets dirty by beach garbage way too quick by the way.
  • Ability to invite friends into the house
  • Massive storage room
  • Careers, now the Sims can earn extra points when they do tasks related to their career. It focus on four major careers Rock Stars (earn extra points in music) Artist (earn points in painting, writing), cook (earn points in cooking) Athlete (earn extra points in athletic activities)

Big cons
  • Trouble with the quests
  • Inability to identify that there's two chairs not one sofa
  • Windows is the most used operating system in the world. Since the failure of Windows vista people are cautious to move into Windows 7 still and since Windows 8 was announce some people are waiting for Windows 8. This leave people using Windows XP in computers that have similar power to that of my cellphone. Sims social tend to freeze on those computers. It uses too much flash memory
  • Discriminate players due to their relationship status catering more to single 

Question I can answer
How can I make people to visit me? My friends complain that my house is too crowded and freeze their system
Here's the thing my friend, when you load a Sims house you load the items present in the house. So this steal more flash memory and force your friend's browser to crash. You have a massive storage room, let's call it the attic. You can store all items you are not currently using into the storage room, this make your house look a bit more loose and is easier for you and your friends to navigate. Placing an item in the storage room will not deplete your house worth. Is items you bought that's your.

Thanks for reading Victor Space followers, we will be back to the regular program shortly

Monday, April 9, 2012

Trayvon Martin, when injustice knocks

I hope you like this video, hope you share it and please leave your comments.
On another note, Trayvon's case really  hit a nerve for future and existing parents. This can be a landmark case it may change our justice system for good. It's sad that some young life had to be taken away, I hope Trayvon's death wasn't in vain. So pass this around if you feel the same.
Another situation I exposed here was that shown in "Facebook parenting for the troubled teenager" a hot video getting even Dr Phil involved. To me, Tommy Jordan took it as far as required, I mean I spend hundreds of dollars getting a laptop to my daughter, then spend hundreds of dollars on new softwares and I find that my investment is being used against me, well yes I have reasons to go mad.
Problems in New York Schools well you just read what I wrote above, teenagers are trouble and they may do anything to catch attention, the news of the moment in New York is sexual assaults in school by teachers, one was found to have sexual content involving children, another one had a solid relationship with a 16yo for many years. Well I think they are now riding on this accusing teachers of molestation when possibly all they did was just look, or handshake or pat the kid's shoulder.

Thanks for the support on the blog and my youtube channel.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kony 2012 How much power social networking actually have?

Official campaign in The United States against Kony reminding both parties that whoever wins to not forget about Kony

In the past few days the internet, the blog sphere, youtube has been on fire with the video shown above. If you have a spare half an hour and you haven't see this video, just watch it. It was so crazy the impact I saw a friend sharing this link yesterday at 7AM before I went to work. By the time I got to work 14 friends shared this link, by lunch time it doubled. This video have been watched at an average of 9.5 million views a day. At the time I'm typing this line I read 70,909,478 views Posted .
What makes this video so special? How did it gain so much fame?

Well let me tell you, is about people, Two days ago I didn't know who Joseph Kony was and I'm likely just like you who learned about Kony because everybody is talking about him on your facebook newsfeed or twitter. Why don't we know of the atrocities he has been committing for 26 years? I tell you why. We live in a narcissistic society consumed by glamour and our own selves, we live in a "not my business society" the media wont report something that has nothing to do with the area they are from and unfortunately the news of Joseph Kony went as far as the countries surrounding Uganda. His army is a big as the NYPD 30,000 all of them abducted "orphan" children. I quoted orphan because there's a reason they are orphan. He forces them to commit the biggest crime a human being can commit and that's killing their own parents and immediate family. That's why he doesn't have family members trying to take their children away from him. 30,000 rebels without a cause just seeking to kill, mutilate probably steal. If I was you, I should be very concerned. Sure they are not an army of let say hundred thousand, don't have any nuclear weapon. But 30,000 with the wrong intentions that's just too many people.
It gets even worse, because society have been so self consumed, sometimes just being stupid posting ridiculous ads on craigslist, posting meaningless status updates, checking in in their bathroom, bed etc (that's stupid) rather than use that time to do something better for society. Hold that thought people I'm coming back to this. Because of people being so self consumed, we don't really know if the army grew, what kind of technology he has, what kind of weapons he has. And to be honest I would never know about Kony, Why? because the media in the USA would never air that story, maybe once and then get erased from memory with something that happened in New Jersey or one neighborhood from New York or California. If it wasn't because of the man behind this video, if it wasn't because of my facebook peers spamming Facebook posting this link, I would never know.
Remember I say we can do better for society? this is what I'm talking about. Russia and Mexico two countries I haven't visit and I live thousands of miles away from those countries are my top 2 and 3 readers. Maybe you are in Uganda reading this. I'm in United States, but here we have no boundaries Facebook, Twitter have become some sort of cyber country bigger than United States and Russia together and to be honest more powerful than a weapon. Why? Because is fed by the ideas of regular people like you and me. If you move toward minute #20  of the video above, in 2010 Obama sent troops to aid in the capture of Kony that was because they got fed up with the massive campaign the group Invisible children was doing on Facebook and beyond. See? we can annoy the government sometimes and force them into taking action. The good thing of social networking is that we can share an idea across the world as slow as 2 hours and to be honest no plane takes two hours from Japan to New York, we have broken the speed barriers, is time to put it to use for better, for a better society. You know what's even better about this? You watch the news and you may not see it again, but Youtube is a blessing, you can just continue playing over and over and sharing the video again and again just to keep the memories fresh.
Sometimes an idea can take you far. In this case film maker Jason Russell and two friends traveled to Uganda in 2003, they come across this hell, decide to take matters in hands delivering raw footage, talking to people in Washington but nobody heard them. Why? Again self absorbed society. Since there's not economic interest, and the USA safety wasn't endangered, that's not our war. But they were strong about their idea, their fight and decided to continue fighting. They created the association called "invisible children inc" in allusion to the fact that nobody knew of these children's suffering or some saw and ignored. Well let's make those children visible that was the idea behind it. Their dedication, motivation, hard work led the United States to send troops to help. Now they are pushing to keep everybody aware, and make sure United States don't withdraw. Why would United States be involved. Well I have two reasons. Number one, is a major power, and two you don't know what can happen if we let Kony in anonymity to continue his atrocities, what if he decides to invade other countries? Oh now is your problem right?
Usually I watch this channel on youtube is this guy who plays Hitler, how Hitler would react to today's society, I watch it, only because I know how evil Hitler was I decided to take a look at what he thinks of Kony (see link below) one thing that had me laughing hysterically was that he said "Sick monster" Now, I'm not justifying Hitler I'm not offending here I know I have some Jewish readers please don't take this out of context. Comparing both monsters nobody is more perverse than Kony I don't know if is because I'm leaving in the era of Kony not Hitler. Hitler committed serious crimes, Kony is committing serious crimes making matters worse is committing them on his own people, the people he should be defending, what's worse is against children, more than a million left their houses running away from his army of abducted children trying to protect their own. If they try to escape, they die, he revived slavery only for women. He make girls his sex slaves, IS TIME TO PUT A STOP ON THIS, I mean, I time to make a change. And yet he gets even worse. he talks about peace, Talks about the lord in fact his army's name is "lord resistance army" he talks about peace but send the children he "recruit" to kill the parents, talks about peace while causing even more tragedies. I hope you understand why I categorize Kony as more perverse than Hitler. Hitler? we can't do nothing about him, he's still alive as a character on Youtube that's it. But Kony is alive is time to stop him.
When internet started decades ago, I didn't know what a computer was, those of you who were lucky enough to know one at young age probably didn't expect that a keyboard and a screen would give so much power. Right now he's very afraid, right now he's trembling in fear. He's trying to run away with his massive army. But he can't hide, he went from a Mr. Somebody only in Uganda to a well known individual in matter of just two days. Now the world know who he is, how he looks like. He can't hide for too long. Now, before you post the next pointless status update, check in at your own bedroom (I can't believe Facebook allow a bed to be a venue) think, think on an idea you want to share, something you want to change, the world probably share the same idea you have and you will be heard loud and clear.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend

Associated Press
Hitler funny skit In German. CC in English