Thursday, May 30, 2013

PlayStation 4, Facebook, Privacy Concerns, new Player Profile

Screen shot of the future Play Station Player's Profile showing the player's actual name. SONY 2013

It's been now 3 months since we got that first taste of Play Station 4 and since Microsoft announced the controversial XBOX One. For once, Play Station learned from it mistakes gearing a presentation to warm up the gamer's interests.
Play Station 3 under the slogan "it just does it all" was introduced to us as an entertainment machine that plays games. The presentation of Play Station 4 minus the console was geared to attract us toward the console. It will come with one controller, one headset, Playstation Move dual camera and Mic. All that sound sweet, but there's a new way of playing that worries us those who grew playing the NES, the old school gamers, and specially those parents of the PS3, XBOX 360 and WII generation and is matter of safety and privacy.


For Once, playstation was the first to unveil a player's profile linked to Facebook together with full name and  picture. Let's see a real life event. Marty004872 has connected his PS4 account to Marty Stewart. He jumps into a Call of Duty Ghosts lobby and get into a shouting match with some guy. This some guy quit the game and jump to the computer and make a search on Marty Stewart a 17yo man. Unfortunately Marty has his father in Facebook. The angry gamer now googles George Stewart and returns an address for the subject. Marty is unaware he has a target on his head.
The event above doesn't represent a real family but may be a real event in the future. Guys like Marty and myself have created fancy names to hide our real self. Connecting our real names to our gamer tags is not the way to go. Let's add more to this issue. I posted a video on Youtube then onto my facebook a MW3 sniping massacre 10 Kills no death. While on YouTUBE I received views and likes, on Facebook it was ignored. NOT EVERYBODY IN FACEBOOK CARES WHAT I DO IN GAMING.
So what should Play Station do? Let's no deny that the new player profile looks futuristic and they should keep it. However, there has to be a little tweek done to the player's profile. When the player decide to connect Facebook, first the player should create a page for the gamer tag. In this case Marty004872 should create a Facebook page under the same name. PS4 should make a tweak to the software, add a drop box where would ask "Connect as:" now Mr Stewart can pick to connect the page to PS4 and still maintain his privacy. Would be nice if Sony worked with Facebook about socializing. Let's say Marty004872 add Xcalibur007828 to his Playstation friends, the next time Marty logs in to the facebook page for Marty00472, Xcalibur007828 should appear as suggested pages to follow. Just like the pages we follow. When Marty Stewart is connected as Marty Stewart this page is not suggested but is suggested when he's Marty00472. I think is a great way to keep gamers connected, busy looking at friends' achievements and postings. OF COURSE that the current feature of showing the Facebook friends who play certain games and are on Facebook should port toward PS4. Currently if you play Black Ops 2 or Modern Warfare 3 you can see who in facebook plays the game. It would only show you the person's gamer tag.

If you agree with the views expressed in this article don't hesitate to tweet it to @sony or @playstation as well as send the link to playstation facebook and youtube page. It will be greatly appreciated

Let me know your opinion on this matter and other future gaming matters.

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