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The consequences of following the wrong

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Bad leaders expect you to take him/her to their destination
Glad to be here thanks God. Some skeptical guided by a very sick leader though that I wasn't going to make it past Saturday Afternoon, that me and you wouldn't make it past Saturday 6:00PM Well we got a nice intense rain at 6PM in New York that felt divine. Guess what I will continue to write on this blog for decades to come I will see my kids go to college and graduate. Although this is not guaranteed. Also I have to note that the blog changed name from Victor's Corner to Victor's Space. This is to give me a little more freedom of what I write, The name was a little vague. Victor's Space is a name I can work with despite the fact that I saw other blogs under the same name. Another important feature is the ability to navigate between postings. You can now see the next or the previous post as well as notice what hour is where I'm at. I know I'm a little irresponsible I say next blog is two weeks from now, turns out 3 weeks later. Well for some others come Friday so I posted my clock and avoid confusion with time. Let's go into topic
I have been studying John C Maxwell pretty closely, I listen to his speech on Success Magazine. I'm pretty aware now what is a bad leader I quickly recognize it doesn't matter what that bad leader is trying to disguise as. Have you ever been next to those people who take all credits, those who talk too much about I, mine, Me? Have you ever heard of those who talk down to you like if you was nothing? those who appear not to care? Well apparently you got next to a bad leader. You see, a bad leader only want to gain fame, a bad leader only want to appear successful and want all the good for him/herself. For a bad leader people who work under him/her are replaceable and inferior. A bad leader also tends to crash very constantly and when this happens, the future of others go in flames as well. Why do they crash? Great question. Ask yourself how do you feel working where your efforts are not recognized as valid?, Can you truly grow as a leader if you keep changing people and treating people unfairly? Is the same like grabbing an orange tree and planting it in front of your house, two days later you don't want it there, you want it next to your house, then you grab it from there and plant it instead of the left to the right side, then behind the house, then you know what I'm planting it in the park. I think we both agree that this tree will never grow and will possibly die. You haven't give the time for this plant to have roots. This is the same with leadership.
Often bad leaders don't get nowhere they are hungry for the spotlight and the fame and don't notice who they hurt in the process. We put for example a boss of a company this boss is so focused in making things happen for his/her company that don't care what you have to sacrifice to help the company. The more you work, the more the name of the company grow, the more the fame, and revenue of the company grows. But notice that is not the same story with your pockets. However the pressure increase on you to continue performing at high level, stress goes up, income stays the same, you slack, you are out. Then is this horrible leader looking for someone to replace you.. But this is the thing. Even if you was just the file clerk at that organization or the errand boy/girl you was a key piece on the growth of that company. Now we have a train full steam and a piece in the train that doesn't know what's going on. We both agree that is very likely for the company to slow down or crash. Then the leader start blaming everybody else for his/her mistakes, start firing people left and right worsening the situation.
A bad leader will never learn doesn't matter how much John C. Maxwell, Anthony Hopkins, etc you read if you are a bad leader just for instinct you WILL fall back to where you was. WORSE you wont even know when that happened.
The biggest sin of a bad leader is the tendency to bring others down while they go down. I think that's the worse consequence of bad leadership the fact that you can ruin other people's life in the process of ruining your own or just injecting a belief. Let's bring up an example Click here for video Did you see the video? Great. I think we both agree his was a horrible way of leading. These people believed this guy blindly even though he had previously failed them. But where it gets even worse is when thanks to this man two families future is uncertain. Work all of your life to retire well and then you see yourself losing U$140,000 Ok that might not be that much for you, that might not be so terrible in Euros but 140 grands is a big loss anywhere. How about losing the money for your kid's college? you are not going to need it anyway since the world is over on 5/21/2011 at 6:00PM ET. EASTERN TIME? How strange he probably said the same date 5/21 in China while in USA still 5/20/2011. How about that country where is 6:00AM? they die in their sleep. You know what? I better take a plane at 4:00PM to China on 5/21 in China is already 5/22 so whatever was about to happen already happened in China. Sound like I'm mocking this guy.
"... Well me personally I'm preparing with an "end of the world barbeque to kick this thing off because that's how you deal with stupid crazy people. You openly mock them..." Philip Defranco  FRIDAY's Episode check it out
And Mr. Defranco wasn't the only one to openly mock this man I just had to subscribe to this guy he's hilarious. Have a good laugh with Mr. Kain Carter's video
People are watching and when you are in a leadership position, you better be careful with what you put out there or you will surely get burned mercilessly. And we go into religion, Whoever is out there practicing Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. That wasn't a Christians stuff in fact the church I visit didn't know anything about this until early May when a woman asked about those stupid signs check out my post on May 21 for reference. This was a Christian who picked a bunch of weak people, used his media influence to spread fears and other followed. The bible doesn't say anything on when is happening. In fact the bible itself says that Jesus promised to comeback but didn't specified when. Actually I joked on Facebook with a friend about the possibility that this man is trying to decipher when he's gonna die. But he failed all predictions anyway and still dragging people into his cult of false predictions. Worse I found a posting on here on Blogger GERALD CELENTE got a hold on a broadcast from the show coast to coast (check the link on Gerald's name). Harold Camping (sound like camping somewhere) sound very unsure of his predictions. In one instance the host suggests if is ok to clear his bank account, quit his job and go on vacations. Camping said that doesn't sound like a good idea. He also assured he is not going to be around for the May 23rd show because he will be "taken up" two days before. REALLY? Did he forget he committed sin too? hello, he said it would happen in 1994 it didn't. He again used the word of God in vain breaking one of the ten commandments in the process. I get so heated up with this guy I better go back to the topic.
Once again, this blog is for the general public not just the CEO, business people etc. For example as a parent you are in a leadership position. You must be careful of your decision or will undermine your ability to lead.  Choose well what you are putting out there, and just be a good person.
Life continue, bad leaders will always be bad leaders and you better stay away from them, or do your best to cushion the hit from following a bad leader (when you don't have any choice). Work, hard, live life.

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