Saturday, November 26, 2011

Is too cool a problem, or nerdy is the problem?

Excerpts from a comment thread in my brother's facebook page.
Hello dear audience and welcome to a brand new entry of Victor's Space blog. You know once again I'm featuring a real person into this blog. Trivia: Sylvanna Garcia becomes the first person no on my friend list to be featured in the blog, I came in touch with this comment accidentally I was intended to post a comment or two but got out of hand. I didn't prep her so I look cool if that's what you ask :D. This was funny, everybody knows of Facebook newest feature "closest friends" for those who still get e mails from facebook which I think is the smartest way to do so you stay in touch with your people. My brother posted this picture. Here comes the funny part, after standing in the line three hours and a half just a few days ago 11/7 (game out on midnight) we made it home to play a first match of Modern Warfare 3, everything is cool two playstations three guys all excited. Next day one of the systems break down (thank you SONY) so my brother decides to put one copy of modern warfare up for sale on facebook, Sylvana (the person featured here) comments on the fact that she's a newbie and she's having problems with her tv, a friend of my brother jump in for help. The whole point is no talks of my brother ever selling the game. Poor guy he was asking "what about the game?" but we were having a three ways conversation under his picture including that fine comment from Sylvanna to protect her privacy, some information provided on that comment was censored. Well entering the topic.
If you are up to date with this blog and saw my previous entry, you can surely assume I was kinda geeky in school, you are actually right, and thanks to that, I had a tough life relationship-wise in school. Since I can remember I always remember that my number one task in school was go and study, I didn't care what outfit was hot, I didn't even cared if my toes were coming out of my shoes. Main goal was number one wake up, two just wear something as long as it covers my body, three perform good in school. I also played little league baseball for a while I did ok I wasn't an elite player but I did far better in school. I wanted to be a profesional ball player and play for my favorite team The Mets, I had and still have a lot of passion for the game. But my grandfather saw in me that I could do better with my brain, my grades in school were more impressive than my baseball stats. I continued to go to school. I would just go to school all about business not about outfit or what is good out there. I didn't feel the need to impress nobody. Turns out that I did make friends really good friends but I also got leeches. If you recently got out of school and was one of those students that always did good you probably had some of those. You see in school academically there are these kind of people "Nerd (library rat)" the kind that is fashion backward, is all business no play. Other type they want to perform good in school, look somewhat presentable (that was me), "I don't care" the kind of students that don't work hard, they know that they are slow but don't seek help neither. If you wasn't none of these. I'm sorry no offense but you was probably a leech the kind who go to school, care about getting out of that jail but wont work hard enough, seek to become popular, graduate... Hey test tomorrow sit behind the nerd. "hey nerd you are my friend" yeah they remember your name and last name. I had many of those back in school. Last but not least is aggravated leech or hallway rats. The kind who cut classes, participate in all physical education classes even if they don't belong there, often bully others. The only reason these go to school is to meet with pals, show off the newest phone dad got them, listen to music outside school, smoke, or have sex.. That last one almost everybody do (not me), and again copy from the nerds. This not only applies to school.
You see, the way we grow in school is not only a personality we leave behind, is a personality we carry on through life dragging either prosperity or defeat. I don't even will mention to look around for bullies because I'm pretty sure that if you look at the news you would learn of several bullies right away. I wont even waste time talking about those is a very negative topic to talk about.
One very important thing to highlight on the above comment is that I did struggled big time. I was either too committed to my work, or just too slow to understand any life in school outside the classroom. As a teenager is a hard life, teenagers are the most judgmental people in the word. If you are a bad boy/girl chances are you become popular and others may find you interesting, datable. Completely the opposite of the geek and nerds the one too submerged in the book, afraid of breaking rules. Gez I knew people in high school too scared to leave for fire drills they though was mass class cutting. But people mature and the reality hits, there's no more trips to the principal's, security, dean's office. Outside school life bad boy/girl have these destination ranging from good to worse police precinct (dunking donuts) just kidding about dunking donuts but if you need a cop real quick check there first lol (I may get some enemies for this lol), seriously is the precinct, jail, or the graveyard, Would you like that path?. I'm writing one more entry coming in December where I state that back in high school I realized I was very popular I wasn't a wild child. However I was well known by teachers and students alike. Coming soon: "what does it takes to be popular" I'm also touching the senseless seniors vs freshman rivalry. Check it out this December.  
If you are at work, take a look at some of your co-workers you will see some and I please you be one of these. On top of every work, craving more work, researching. Well the whole point is making things happen at work super busy and only socialize when the work is over, or after 5PM. I used to work with this young woman Joy P. F. I so wanted to bring her over to my business she was a very hardworking young woman, very sociable, smart and fun. I look at her and she definitely give me the impression of nerd (hard woking student) when she was in school. All she would talk about was about work, she would sit there at her desk and talk nothing during work, if she stood from there was during break (this time she would escape from work wont take break with co-workers neither) and if she talked to me it was small talk then what she needed from me for work related matters. That's why I wanted her to work in the business because this woman is business no kidding around. Once I approached her to talk about joining the business to what she responded "after work please" followed by a smile. Here's is the problem, she leaves at 4:30 I leave at 5:00 so that meeting never took place.
Then there's the leeches those who spend 3 hours of 8 near the water cooler talking about everything but work, family, Monday night football etc. Those who spend a week doing the same project that you could have finished in just two days. These are called leeches because they don't bring much to the plate they bring a little or nothing for which they drain the environment causing serious damages to the workplace, society, etc. Thanks to that the hard worker have to load up more work in order to keep the company running. If you are in that group and that's why you are reading this because you are bored of browsing the internet and well let see what's up in blogger. First bookmark this blog, and step it up it is not fair using others, earning an easy check, many people are in need of some work. The difference between a hard worker and a hardly working person is that the hard worker is always hungry always think can bring more and haven't done enough yet.
Leeches are the most dangerous group because they damage the environment in other ways. They are very low efficiency team compared to the nerds. In the middle there are a bunch of other groups because they don't have an identity they can either be motivated to work harder, or be completely distracted by a leech moron. Pardon the vocabulary but I had to say it... Now I feel better.
Not only in the work place this applies everywhere. Let me tell you, if you are taking away from an environment and not bringing nothing in exchange, you are being a leech. Whether is your workplace, your community *(taking social security when you could have been working), or your home if you are not putting nothing you are a leech. Is your house? well you are the father of the house, you work and bring 70% to 100% of the income but you never spend time with your children, your wife don't remember the last kiss you are still being a leech because the man don't live of bread only. I have to admit I have been quite a leech myself sometimes at home and let me tell you, it's not that comfortable actually is very self-destructive. Let me tell you one more mistake some men do is tell the woman "baby stay home I would go out and make our money" now I'm gonna tell you the mistake some women make is listen to "baby stay home I would go out and make our money" and actually pay attention to that. My woman should be the queen of the house I would love to go out and make all of the money, here's the problem, something happen to the king, the queen can't defend the castle because she's used to have her feet up. I wont tell my wife go to work or come stay home. I just let her be. You see, naturally if you are a good person, hardworking, good hardworking people will look for you. If I tell her go to work she may think I want to live off her, if I tell her don't work I may destroy her wings. I would motivate her to work hard, I would motivate her to find some enjoyment some alternate activity besides work, home, kids. Here's where you will sure understand the king and queen analogy. I am a human being I'm meant to break down at times I'm supposed to get sick, Victor Space wont have the same writer forever one day I have to die. If so that happens and I was the only provider for "my castle" who will then keep the castle running. Can't be my wife because I got her so used to never work that now she's lazy and very weak. On the other side of the coin if something were to happen to me, my woman is already a worker, she will be motivated to work harder just to "keep the castle running".
One big mistake society have done with women is that they have been designated as the weak. Did you know that lioness are the ones that hunt while the lion stays taking care of the cubs? the only time the lion hunt is when the lioness is either sick or pregnant. Well well the king of the jungle seems to be the woman in our society. True, women are sensitive, not as strong and tall as most men but that doesn't mean that they can't do a thing. On a previous entry I was talking about how people condition their bodies toward weakness see the link in the bottom.
My point in this entry is: you can't never get what you want unless you go for it against any odds, against all obstacles life put you through. Hey life will throw dust in your eyes just to see how fast you are willing to get it off your face and keep running after your goal, I promise you that someday you will be kneeling on the floor begging for mercy, wishing you was never born, crying "why me?" "why things don't work out for me" that day, is the defining day, depending how you respond, your lifestyle would depend on that. What? Don't believe me? think about a homeless person, now think of guys like Donald Trump. If you read Trump 101 a really good book from Trump himself he actually told a friend "see that homeless guy right there? that guy has more money than me." One difference is that the homeless guy didn't know how to respond to that key moment, Donald Trump decided to battle, he decided his life was a special gift and he better make his time here worthwhile. If you are bulling, riding on someone else's back you are wasting a precious gift. That gift is called life, you are wasting an opportunity and you may also be ruining someone else's chances. You know, what I heard about bullies? just the most insecure people in the world, they probably struggle with something, have been told anything that make them feel bad about themselves and the only way to reasure themselves they are not that bad, is go and bully on someone. Unfortunately the likely victim is the group known as nerd, geek etc people that keep excercising the brain. So there you go, a giant body with a brain the size of a bean facing a hyper active body held by a body the size of a bean. In a physical battle obviously the nerd know can't win, the win will come years later when the nerd is the CEO of a company and don't hire the bully because lack of work ethic and obviously a past. Instead of bullying around Go out there and make a difference with your life, always remember that you have one life to live, unlike call of duty you don't respawn, when you are gone, you are gone.

Here's bonus material, review that other entry from this blog. Don't forget to vote this and that other entry and leave your comments, questions and suggestions here and or on that entry as well. Hope you like it if you already read it, read it again let me know what you think. Some other bonus material, this entry was intended to be called "the givers and takers of society." I went with a more catchy name something more general. Tell me what you think of the name selection

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