Thursday, November 22, 2012

Modern Warfare 3 Broken again?

It's being one more year, one more Call Of Duty have been released. Black Ops 2 is out to a great month, yet Modern Warfare 3 find ways to still surprise. During one of my gameplays the system went crazy giving me 15999XP per kill on Kill Confirmed instead of the usual 50XP. As you can appreciate in the video below, there's nothing special about the gameplay in fact I was checking at the scoreboard too much which caused me to be standing like an idiot in the middle of a fight yet a regular kill was worth 15999XP. That happened this November 19th. The video is not high quality it was recorded with a Galaxy S 3 cellphone rather than a game capture device but you can definitely appreciate how broken MW3 is about to get. After the game I contacted Infinity Ward via twitter. This is the beauty of our times you can even contact the president directly if you like. I explained the issue and I didn't have the problem after that. My stats were reset as they were before playing that game, the loss was taken off my records and I was put back to Prestige 12 level 40. Oh, I went way back in time and played Black Ops and it seemed like it was the game that was released this year. It ran smoothly and no glitch. Two years ago when Black Ops was released, MW2 was unplayable. I entered a game at level 27 no prestige. Found a lobby full of invincible people, people walking on imaginary ladders, flying around, no custom class just switch gun and is all the guns of the game, camping outside the map's walls. Played that game and when I was done with a ridiculous 5-17 I got promoted to the last prestige and last level. Never again played modern warfare 2. This year, MW3 seem to start giving problems.

Many of you reading don't care because U$60.00 is like change to your pockets, but correct me if I'm wrong. The game is rated M-17 meaning only people over 17 should play it, yet 14-16yo are predominant as well as those between 17-40. Let's focus on those 14-16yo kids. They go to school all year then work all summer long to get their Play Station, or Xbox or which ever console they prefer. Young people tend to go overboard. So instead of $60.00 they pay $120 for the Elite version. that's a lot of money specially when you worked your summer with a boss you possibly didn't like that much then end up disappointed because your game don't work a year later. Come on Infinity Ward. It gets worse for others. Most Modern Warfare 3 lobbies are full of holiday shoppers again around ages 14-19 they got their MW3, possibly Black Ops during Christmas and are anxious to get Black Ops 2 this Christmas. The only game they have now is MW3 and they get this crappy issue. It's it fair? Leave me your opinion below and visit my new YouTube Channel coming HD pretty soon. Thanks for your time.

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