Friday, May 25, 2012

Your Attitude and your social and physical health

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Positive attitude sometimes gets ignored and don't get the credit deserved and to be honest some people under estimate it maybe because they don't have it and to be honest with you a positive attitude is the hardest to maintain. I tell you right now I can start a big argument right now about the government and be all mad about it all day long. Not happy with that I go to a sporting event and find something to be mad about. I go and watch the Mets my favorite team beat up the other team 11-0 still I get mad because Ike Davis struck out with the bases loaded and ignoring the fact that he homered in that game. You see how easy is to be negative? Let's continue with the same "suppose game" Johan Santana strikes out 12 batters in that complete game yet I get upset he could have struck out 13 but with a 3-2 count the umpire called a strike as a ball resulting in a walk. See how easy is getting negative?
Now let me ask you something, Is that a healthy attitude? would people want to hang out with you with such an horrible attitude? I had the pleasure of reading "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen and this is what he had to say " the command of glad and beautiful thoughts it becomes clothed with youthfulness and beauty... Sicky thoughts will express themselves through a sickly body." WOW wasn't that powerful? I have had my days everybody is human I had my days where I go to sleep upset over something. The next day I feel drained like if someone sucked my energy while I was asleep, I don't want to get up, feel unusually tired sometimes even falling asleep while getting dressed. I don't feel sick is just out of energy. Then I recall the night before and realize is the time to change my attitude get up, dust off, and get ready to face this brand new day. I have come to realize that I'm more vulnerable when I'm affected by something. The winter of 2010 was the worst for me health wise. I look back and I realized what happened it wasn't the clothing I actually wore suit and on top of that a really good coat. Let's go back two months before that. I had a job I was the head of my department of just two, I thought everybody was my friend I was very happy there, I also had a business growing my team was small but I was traveling with two good friends of mine. I got fired from my job unexpectedly, my two friends quit on me and the business, the blog I just started wasn't receiving as many visits as I was expecting. True, it was in the beginning a site where I would just post random thoughts I wasn't looking for visits but once I started to get a few I wanted more. The Spanish version was a dismal at the moment I was receiving ridiculous amount of visits from non Spanish speaking countries and zero from Spanish speaking countries. All that was boiling up to a very upset me, nothing was looking up for me and I was tired of trying to stay positive and getting a slap in my face.
Let's jump to winter 2011-12 what happened to me health wise. I didn't even feel it was winter. True I got couple of episodes where I lost my voice momentarily but that was because of me practicing toward my youtube channel commentator tryouts and the cold weather. Let see what happened. My attitude changed I'm a happy man now expecting my first child OH YEAH I didn't say that before but my first born is almost here and I'm very excited. That alone made my attitude change 180 degrees, got a job, got promoted in my job now I'm an office manager, my relationship with those really close to me is way better now, I'm enjoying the fact that I'm writing and someone is reading. I wish I could see some comments.
My point in all this is that your attitude make you a healthier person and a better person. If you keep beating yourself over and over you will as well kill yourself.
Attitude, whatever attitude you bring you must always remember that will impact somebody at some point. People will either praise your attitude or will regret ever crossing paths with you. At the end of the day is up to you to decide how you want people to remember interacting with you.
A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Julia. Julia was a giant ball of energy very very interactive, sweet, welcoming, and a very impressive woman. Now let's take a look at Julia physically. An Asian woman barely standing 5 foot tall I believe she was around 4'8" in her late 60's I only know that because she said her age otherwise she looked nearly 20 years younger. I didn't meet her personally she was brought in by someone who helped her to seat by a teacher. Jenn and I were traveling to Brooklyn from Queens in the bus. She was talking to everybody she said hi to everybody as she was being escorted to her seat. She was moving to East New York Brooklyn and since all of her family was busy at the moment and couldn't help until like a few days later she took matters in her own hands. To me and to everybody this was very impressive because most people at her age retired and are just sitting around watching golf, traveling if they were lucky enough to have a good job in their youth. This woman instead was moving all the stuff she could to her new home. She said "you never know, people say they are gonna help you but just to make sure I the move is done I do myself what I can." all this with a big smile in her face, and this confidence that could be felt like an earthquake rows of seats away from her. Even people that were reading, listening to music stopped to listen to this woman. She left the bus many stops before mine and we continued talking about her. When I left the bus I realized that I would never talk to the person next to Jenn and the person behind and in front of me if it wasn't for a small but powerful energy ball named Julia. I could have get the contact information from everybody in that bus if I wanted to. It was even more shocking to me that one of the riders of the bus met a friend on the train we were transferring to and she spoke about this woman and suddenly the three people next to them were not talking but they were listening they were all nodding their head.
You see how the voice of someone's attitude spread? Now my question to close this topic is: How do you want to impact people today? do you want people to remember you as the positive individual? Do you want people to thank whatever God or force they believe in for putting you in their path? Or in contrast Do you want to be the one getting kicked out of the bus? Do you want to be hated? Do you want to be insulted? Do you want people to regret the moment you got in their paths?
Whatever decision you make I want you to remember that this not only affect your life socially but also physical and mental, that every time you change your attitude you also make possible for your health to change. I will prefer to be remembered in a good way when I depart a place, I want people to thank God they met me and send blessings my way. But I'm not sitting around being negative I work hard to keep myself positive. I'm not like Julia I wish I could match that energy but in the meantime I'm working to get there.

Thanks all you are a wonderful audience thank you for spending your valuable time with me and thank you for sharing this with your peers I see you in a new entry. :)

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