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Education, what you say you have or what people see you have?

Yes I know, this happened a week ago. Hey still hot!! damn Gay marriage legislation here in New York is the new trend. Anyway when this happened I was working on my past Entry "inside or outside what's the real matter that counts" thanks for your overwhelming support on that entry. Well I have to admit I pushed the envelope a little promoting this entry. Hard to believe in a single day in less than 4 hour you guys visited that entry 23 times. Taking down the all the ones that were all time leader. Well at least they still show in the lower part of this blog.
Well, I hardly post in between, this is supposed to be one week, then one week rest and then publish again. But bear with me with this brand new entry I couldn't let this one go by.
Education is always a big issue for families, they want their kid to attend the best schools, they want their kids to be professionals, they want their kids to be an example to follow. Every parent want that. I bet you want that. Even if you don't have kids yet I bet you want the best for them when you have them, if that's what you want, continue going to school (if you are a student) and make yourself an example to follow. As a parent I bet you are checking your kid's activities on the computer if your children left this open, let me tell you that  your son/daughter is plugged to the worst blog in the world pass this around to your neighbors. But seriously I believe you want the best for your children.
However there's one thing we miss. Lately parents are becoming lazy, they drop kid after kid, so many that they can't even handle. I believe there's a limit for everybody. My grandma Cristina had 11 all of them really good people well educated. But there are people that bring three maybe four and half of them are a disaster, they don't educate them properly hoping school will give them the education they need. Well I got news for you, school is full of parents just like you teaching (not taking nothing away from good teachers including my own who might be reading this right now) I got news for you. The parents left their kids to teach Math and reading not to do your work. Then you start complaining "Who the $#$ taught this to my son?" Well I have your answer, street, other kids, you name it.
I believe that when you have education, education should flow out of you, shows thanks to maturity and the way you react to certain issues, how that person handle him/herself in public, choice of words. There's not math, Science that teach you that. A month after I released this entry I ( I edit when I launch it in Spanish) I participated in a program to train to be better at customer services. It worked this way, we would read something then we would talk in open discussion about it. While walking home with a classmate she approached me and told me that I'm a little confusing, I talk too mature but I look young. Her surprise was when I revealed my age I'm indeed young. I didn't tell her the schools I went to, I didn't tell her of my training. I'm speaking about it here just to tell you the story. Education is something that start in the family, inside the house. If school was all the education we need, then my grand father would be the least educated man you would know of. He only finished 2nd grade and his family is extensive and well educated and knew how to socialize, if I he was alive you wont believe that man had so little school education he only learned to read and basic math and that was all. My father finished the sixth grade was awarded the eight grade but never attended for many issues not exactly because he wasn't looking to amount to something. But I assure you if I put my father in front of you in a suit and with a briefcase. As a matter of fact just his regular clothing, many successful educated people didn't use a suit at all (example A L Williams), the way he express himself, the way he handles himself you would think he's a college educated man. However he will show you his level of education when you assuming he's a college educated man start talking of stuff only someone with a level over High School would answer. My father hasn't get kicked out of a train, car, bar unlike this woman.
After reading this statement I believe the question here is, What's the real education is it in a school or a family? It doesn't matter where you graduate from if your family didn't educate you well you will be a complete animal. These two men I previously spoke about never knew the feeling of graduating but they learned to be disciplined, so much that when they got to school, they quickly absorbed a lot of information that they used for the rest of their lives. That woman up there is full of knowledge but zero education and consideration.
I started two paragraphs above saying: that education should blossom from you, people would see it. This is the one big problem with some "educated people" they see you working with transportation, parking, cleaning, etc and they tend to diminish you, they tend to talk too much crap about their skills, they tend to open their mouth too loud about the school they went to. By the way that should be on the resume not the conversation. I even joked on one comment on that article saying "I'm surprised this wasn't my cousin" hurts but I think there's one of those in every family. Someone capable of throwing you her resume during a family reunion. Imagine how uncomfortable is saying "hey is my cousin" that's embarrassing you publicly. The surprise for the doctor who insulted the cleaning lady, how meaningless she is. Two years later she get the shocker that the new sensation of the hospital is a lady that graduated with honors and happen to be the former cleaning lady. Or that the "meaningless" cleaning lady is retiring because she accomplished her goals, the reason she is retiring is because her children finished college and one is the new doctor in the hospital. Never judge nobody you never know how it would hit you later on. Education should be recognized. The fact that you are educated don't give you the right to literally throw up your resume on top of people. I believe is either insecurity (the need to show you are better than somebody else) or lack of education.
Some "educated people" feel the need to barrage their entire career and instead of helping you sometimes they prefer to try to put you in ridicule. Well is the same with these three army guys hiding with a AK47. One these guys was given one a tank, the other one placed on a Gatling, the other was seen incapable of operating a Warcraft equipment or even surviving. These two went on a rampage. Only that something failed, the guy in the tank ran into a mined camp, the guy on the Gatling gun got a grenade, while the one with the AK47 survived. Sometimes is not what you have what matters but how you use it. Have a lot of experience, "education" but don't know how to deal with people. You are dead meat. I wish I was working where this woman works just to enjoy the daily jokes on this video. I'm sorry I should be neutral. Anyway I would enjoy that, wont you? sometimes you think you are immune but in fact your are not, you are rotting. This is the problem I see with "educated people". You are educated? show you are educated, someone with less education would look at you and emulate you. I think that make a better society.
" After the altercation, the conductor came on the loudspeaker and reminded people to keep conversations quiet, "especially those people who went to Harvard or Yale or are from Westport."     Liz Goodwin Yahoo news
Yes you guess right, she was the joke of the whole train trip which is what happen when you try to ridicule people who have done nothing to you.  It hit you right back making you the laugh of an entire nation. In these Youtube times.
My uncle T. H. say all the times "I get to places, you see people oh I know this I know that, while I stand there like if I don't know nothing. I don't need to let people know what I know because they didn't ask me. I'm there just seeing people's knowledge acting like I don't know nothing and trying to see if there's anything else for me to learn. But if I'm asked to demonstrate what I know, run for cover." I believe I'm done with this entry. I don't think there's anything else to say.

By the way lady, quiet on the train PLEASE

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Related news This article was removed from Yahoo. One comment actually said "giving a bad name to black people" which is true some might see this and say "had to be black" but this is just this uneducated black woman.

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