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To make love or to make war?

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On June 24th New York did something that have people fuming, in fact they will be for years to come. They approved same sex marriage just on time for the annual gay pride parade. The question here is, What is wrong about this picture? is the fact that some people were granted their happiness or the fact that NYS approved something that is morally wrong for the ideas of one or many other people?
Laws: According to Wikipedia is a set of rules and guidelines enforced by a set of institutions. I might add to that the fact that is a group of people who sit down and start to decide what's wrong and what's right. These people often look out for their own interests rather than everybody else' interest. Is a group of "good people" this is why we can trust these rules. In the end, Are we all benefited by the law?
For some people some things are right others are not, and they write the laws based on what they think is right. Then they push us those laws down the throat and tell us why we should agree with them. Then we grow with those laws and when someone come and overturn those laws, hell break loose because we see that person as overturning something that was correct. When our children grow, probably they will see this from another angle, they are indeed who would give the judgement to this law.
It's not a secret that Gays and lesbians and transvestites have been despised by society to the point of not being allowed to enter church "because they are soul of the devil" EXCUSE ME who said that? I might sound revel to some of you excuse my language on this entry but Who said that? A priest? well let me tell you that they have some gays entering the church already. The funny thing is how strong and bad they speak about homosexuality. I grew up in a society that hate homosexuals, they talk all kinds of stuff about homosexuals. In fact the biggest insult is call tell a guy "you suck men's part" not exactly in that way but I refrain from bad language on this blog. I am the type of person who don't follow the crowd, I like to find my own facts. And just to prove society is not always right. Around two years ago some priests were being prosecuted by the law and the church itself for raping altar BOYS and girls? I had to put emphasis on altar boys because isn't homosexuality the act of two people of the same sex engaging in sexual activity? Well there you got a homosexual inside church to make it even more ironic this homosexual is hosting the mass where homosexuals are not allowed to attend.
I believe God protect his people. If these following God believe in God, they would not forbid them from coming into the church. I believe if homosexuals were indeed souls of the devil, God will prevent their entrance into church himself; I don't know let a brick fall on their head, a lightning or something. Some have gone to church anyway, these who have taken the decision of hide their sexual preference. God can see, that guy/gal can hide all he/she can but is impossible to hide from God and again, if being homosexual make a person a soul of the devil, why that person still go to church and nothing happen to him/her. Why do they allow this guy...? wait keep on reading, you are going to have a treat today.
I have started talking about religion because I believe that sometimes our decisions, our laws is based on religious beliefs as well. It is not a secret to no one that this social group have been prosecuted and in some cases tortured and assassinated. WHY? just because they fall in love with people of their same sex? It's not a secret to no one that homosexuals and transgender are the most hated group in society.
A few weeks ago I got back in touch with a good friend of mine, great person, friendly and good conversationalist. I was upset to the fact that my friend is selling sex. BUT WHY? I will answer you that question as well. She is denied employment because she's a transsexual. This is the country of freedom where freedom breathe in any corner YET my friend can't work because she feels she's a woman, dress like a woman, named herself as a woman, but has a penis as a man. Use a translator to translate this article I can't believe this. This is the country of freedom yet a country "under development" took a step toward freedom that "the country of freedom" hasn't take yet. Congratulations Argentina for recognizing that coming in the wrong body has nothing to do with productivity. Or is this the fear? Perhaps our straight men and women are afraid some super talented transsexual take the attention of your office by bringing great ideas and becoming the go to person. Honestly that would be good to change the way some offices operate all old with the same outdated way of operation. Still they allow the cross dressers to work that guy who can't wait to get home and become his own female version. I don't think sexual orientation should influence in the fact that a person is hired to work or not.
I believe the step taken in New York is a step forward. I mean what is this country about? we allow you to create blogs, post whatever you want on youtube, make porn, drink, voice your opinion to the president, hate other countries, make all the money you want, did I say bomb the other countries? use drugs but if we find you, you get arrested. YET you are not allowed to marry anybody you want. How is that system of though right?
If you talk so fervently about God how being homosexual is a sin, how powerful God is. Explain to me how come there are homosexuals "sons of the devil" into very religious families maybe inside your own family. Honestly I have interacted with many people in my entire life including lesbians, straight, gay, and transsexuals (tranny), and "closeted" honestly the best conversations happen to be with the hated side of society. Statistics show that the highest rape rate is among straight people, highest use of drugs in among straight, highest suicide rate is among homosexuals. Why do society hate them so much?
It hurts sometimes to be different, society see you as out of order and doing something that is not supposed to be. How about this kid growing in a family traditionally of farmers, mother, grandmother have a great voice, and so is this kid. This kid discover his/her dream while listening to his/her favorite musician and decide to use his/her gift to entertain people. Spend hours practicing rather than working in the farm. I believe me and you agree the parents would think this kid is wasting valuable working time trying to be a star. How about the family of doctors and the offsprings decided one want to be a business person, the other one a comedian? I believe we agree this person is seen as crazy. Is the same with this family traditionally straight and this girl who always had problems dating guys show her mother the one who truly make her happy is actually another girl. I think we agree this mother would be super furious, specially with the "what would people say" to be honest it wont do nothing in your favor.
It comes a time where we have to learn to live with each other, accept each other without discriminating each other. In my opinion New York took a step forward toward advancement. I even joked on my friend Brenda B status saying "I finally will be able to marry my boyfriend yay" No I have a girlfriend but I was happy. These people pay taxes like us unlike transsexuals who have been denied work, they rent houses like us, they contribute to a better society by staying away from crime. Why deny them be happy with each other? I celebrated the occasion watching "I now pronounce you chuck and Larry" I know I will be blasted by many of you, but I have no reason to hate them. If they are souls of the devil and God is so powerful I question, how do God allow them into very religious families. I don't care what the bible says, I'm starting to doubt the total accuracy of this book, it was written by humans and is for humans to make mistakes. It was written in another language and we know that translations are never exact. I am the author of "El espacio de victor" (my Spanish blog) and this your "Victor Space" and I can tell you, the translation is not so exact. I interpret some words in a different ways. I have learned to just be a good person and that's all I need. I don't need religion to be a good person.
And now that I'm bashing religion anyway, Jenn and I were shopping last weekend in family dollar and there's this kid drawn to this car set from the movies cars. He was accompanied by an adult, Sunday, all wearing suit. You can tell these people come from church. The man stop the kid to tell him "look I'm not your father, my brother is your father not me..." REALLY? according to Christians aren't we all brothers and sisters? help me out here. He unloaded all this on the poor kid we are talking about an uncle over his 8 years old nephew. And that people is the kind of people writing our laws, those are the examples of religious we have out there. The kind of people who once wrote rules to kill homosexuals, the kind who once forbade the marriage of same sex in New York but allowed two people to marry just because they had sex and the man got the woman pregnant and both oppose to abortion, they don't love each other they just like to have sex with each other. These two were allowed and are allowed to marry everywhere. The one of two men who love each other blindly, two women who can't live without each other, the man and the once a man now transitioning to woman was forbidden. Thanks God someone opened their eyes. Later that day Jenn and I recorded a test video which was supposed to be a radio-like recording for both of our facebooks and possibly for Victor's Space as well. But I was so upset over the incident that I could barely understand myself speaking. Jenn was flawless but I was erratic.
I believe who people love doesn't make them as a person, I believe the way you act, the way you are inside is what indeed make you as a person. Love so you will be loved, respect so you will be respected. Live life, be a good person, always do the right thing. Do what make you happy as long as it doesn't harm others

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