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Inside or out what's the real matter that counts

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Running a little late this article was supposed to be released last week. I apologize for my delay. I was looking for a picture appropriate for this entry. I was put to work hard due to the fact that the source is a pretty busy page lol this Picture I will present you next stuck in my head for quite a while. I ended up going back two full months digging into this person's page. For the first time I'm featuring one of my contacts on Facebook. Thanks Victoria Thompson for allowing me to use your Facebook status as the picture for this blog. Those of you on her network just like me guys you have a treat. I believe her page is one of most dynamic pages I know of. She posts multiple times daily and is usually something worth reading or commenting on. Once Again Victoria welcomed to Victor's Space.
Victoria Thompson's facebook posting from April 26 which is also the birth of her group "love being Chunkii Me"
Often people concern about their appearance, they want the perfect skin, they want the perfect face, perfect teeth, they just want to look perfect. There are Esthetic surgeons I can't believe it, this actually became a profession some people actually make money out of people vanity. What I also came to notice is that people concern too much about their weight "I don't want to eat that much of that steak because I will get fat, get me some salad" First of all I'm a slim guy but if you as my woman make me look ridiculous by getting a salad and a glass of water in a restaurant that's the end of our relationship. I'm serious.
It is not a secret for my friend and family that I have certain preference when it come to women. I don't go for the "media beauty" I go for what my heart tell me and apparently tend to drive me toward bigger women. And you my friend sitting down there ashamed because your woman is a little big. Well at least she's not driving you crazy with "oh this will get me fat" she's just natural. I'm not saying fat is the way in fact for some people is not that healthy. I have, actually had (because I'm no longer looking thanks God for sending her) certain standards when it come to dating. She had to be someone beautiful inside and I'm not talking about all organs in good state that's not what I'm talking about lol. I talk about someone who is just a good person, someone kind. That's all the beauty I was looking for. However this wasn't my preference in my whole life. I chased after those "pretty girls" too which in reality women are all pretty not just certain group. The question I'm trying to address here today is, What do we do with the inside beauty?
Telemundo launched the soap opera "La Mujer En El Espejo" (The woman in the mirror) back in 2004 this soap opera was an unbelievable success sweeping audience records in every country broadcasted including USA I wonder if is available in English. The success of this soap was because talked in deep about this topic. Centers around Juliana Soler since she was 10 through adulthood a girl not so fortunate with physical appearance she wasn't so fortunate because her mother diss her all the times her mother is a former model, Juliana according to her mother can't even be a model in a circus. Juliana also counted with full support of her neighbors everybody loved her and respected her for being such a good person. Beside her upbeat personality she was also blessed with a big brain, she was very smart. As a gift her aunt (sister of her mother's mother) who is a magician made her a mirror that could bring out her inside beauty for twelve hours as long as nothing happen to the mirror. However her reflection on the mirrors would still be old Juliana Soler she can't work around mirrors or would freak out people. Her new appearance made the male protagonist a womanizer surrender to her not knowing that was the same woman he ignored on a previous encounter. Making this story short he learned to accept that although his girlfriend is not physically attractive she's a great woman and better than all those he dated. Obviously Juliana wasn't unattractive but she was always oppressed by her mother she was called in many instances "Juliana the ugly girl" this could be a spinoff from Ugly Betty only that this is a less comical plot. Ugly Betty is a comedy even in the original Spanish version that aired in 1999.
We live in a society where appearance has become incredibly important. We see ourselves bombarded with advertisements from all around the world where women look incredibly thin, women have face full of acne only on commercials showing the before and later for a cream that cleanse the face, being white is the best thing (not being racist here). Even children get bombarded with this generalization of someone's point of view on beauty. NO? Have you take a close look at Barbie? well I did see my cousin's Barbie not that I ever played with one of those. Anyway back on topic Barbie look all blonde and skinny. Lately they have been coming out with some brown dolls but they still look slim like the models they use on commercials and dance shows. Then the same girls are put to take a look at how a man should look like. Have anybody seen Ken? who in the world look like that? well to start with no man working 9-5 look that way. In fact not even a business man look that way. Business men still have to do some work, some traveling etc.
Boys are not left out of the equation neither. Let's take a closer look at our toys. Superman why doesn't he looks like an everyday man with super powers? but superman looks good and is big so he can beat the bad guy and have the girls too. A very popular case notice how Geeks are treated by the media. Take a Look at the popular Dragon Ball. Why can't Krillin be as powerful? well to start with the guy stands 5'7" as the most, Goku is easily 6'5" "oh Victor but Goku is a saiyan and Krillin is Earth link" OOOH Good you noticed. So why can't Vegeta be the hero? Vegeta stands 5'9" as the most and less muscles than Goku. In the same series Gohan a promising warrior at age 10 already surpassed his father's (Goku) powers. What happened? he followed his mother's advises to go to school and be a professional unlike his father. Well eventually he wasn't that powerful no more. As a boy you want to be the firefighter, cop (by the way the toy cops don't look like the real cops) the defender of the world. I want to be the defender of the world I better do like Goku and not like Gohan. Damn I think I might have to do an entry on the message the media send to people. We see all these ads and toys looking to perfect. However does this determine beauty?
Growing up I grew to like pretty girls. However I wasn't that much attractive for their taste and I would get straight out rejected and feel deeply hurt about it I even stopped revealing my feelings to someone. So bad that I lost possible relationships with other great women thanks to me not explaining my feelings.
Me in 2003 at Coney Island Beach please ignore the jeans shirt and
shoes in the beach  (was supposed to be with my brothers)
But then I started to look at these "beautiful girls" closer. They would talk trash about their friends, always too conscious of their weight, too insecure, would argue with her boyfriend if she spot him talking to a female friend. I just started to think: why bother? most of these women looked like a version of someone I previously saw on TV. I think we all agreeing now that the content inside the beautiful package is not so enjoyable after all.
Another memorable quote not quite sure if it was taken from somewhere all I kno is that it was broadcasted through Victoria's Thompson Facebook about a month ago. As you can see not many really noticed this quote and as you can see I missed this one =)
I don't think anybody can word this better. One thing is certain, people lack a lot when it comes to their relationship with others. I believe that in a relationship even if is neighbor you should remind that person how lucky you are to have them in your life. Hey let your man/woman know how good they look, even if the guy went and did the same haircut he did two weeks ago. Let me tell you, I can't wait to go and get a haircut just to see Jenn all over me "you look so damn sexy" I know she wont say it unless she mean it. She got a new look on her, hey pay attention to your woman. To be honest with you, for us men is more entertaining we have more hairstyles to look at, more variety, take full advantage enjoy and compliment your woman. Or is that you want her to stop dressing up for you and just stay home with the sleep wear? I can tell you that, for her is much easier to stay in her sleep wear rather than go through all that and get ignored.
I believe that when you open your mouth to compliment people you let out who you are as a person, you let them know the beauty that rests inside you. Hey there was this employee that did a really bad job? I'm not telling you not to reprimand your employee. Do it, but I believe you should first remind your employee when he/she did something good for your company, when that employee did an exceptional job. People love award and recognition and if the only reason you open your mouth is to punish, is very likely that nobody want to work with you. Nurture your employee, let him/her know you are looking and you care. I promise you that you will have a thankful more motivated employee, would care more for his/her work because he/she knows is working for somebody who make him/her feel good.
Let your friends, neighbors, family how happy you are to have them in your life, let them know how lucky you are to have them. I promise you that you will soon start to hear from them as well. People love recognition, let beauty come out of you and people will stick to you like steel to a magnet. It doesn't matter the way you look it doesn't matter how expensive your clothes are. People will always remember you for what you did for them rather for what kind of car you drove, how perfect your face was, how perfect your body looked. Yes they might remember you but temporarily. How about becoming immortal? Imagine your neighbor putting you in front of his/her kids as an example to follow, then those kids telling their kids about you. Isn't that exciting? many people have become legend for bad stuff, How about the chance of becoming a legend for something good? People will always remember you by the beauty of your soul rather than the corporal beauty. As some of us mature physical appearance lose interest, we start looking back our mistakes, how many names we called the fat girl of our classroom. In other cases unfortunately physical appearance become more important to other people. Why do we put so much emphasis on that anyway?
I always wanted to have a "beautiful woman" by my side for the rest of my life. Then I realized something. these beautiful 20 something year old girls of today will all become that 70 years old woman who is talking to another 70 yo woman they look closely the same. One save a picture of when she was the most popular girl in High School, the other one despises a picture that remind her of how painful that era was because no guy wanted to date her. I forgot to mention, these bodies underground look exactly the same. Then there's one conversation these women have, the first one talk about how she always exploited her physical appearance to get relationships and how her husband left her at age 60. The second talks about how she always focused on being a good person and nothing else, also talks about her first boyfriend who she met when she was 21 and with whom she still with.
Here is when you come to realize that at the end of the day, doesn't matter how much surgery, you do, doesn't matter the diets, how much you diss that chunky lady walking in the street, how much you despise talking to that geek next to that other person you despise. We all get to an era where appearance virtually disappear, we all carry the same inside you are not that special. I don't care if you belong to the "royalty" to be honest with you that's not that special is just a tittle.
I don't believe there's a therapy to beautify your inside but you just try everyday to be a better person, help those around you, make your presence be felt and heard. There's only one life and we better live it right.

See you all pretty soon. 

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