Friday, January 28, 2011

Your attitude and Success

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Hello everybody I thank you for being a loyal audience. This is my first entry for this year and I'm thankful to have you all here reading me it was a long absence but things happen.
The other night I was playing some video games with my brother. He? well me and him grew up together we were the closest in height in the house. I have 3 brothers but he was the one willing to go with me and play baseball, let's go and try to play some basketball. I have two others but one was always sick to go and be crazy like us and the other one was a baby we can't take him to play baseball with us come on. He was a cool guy we would have a lot of fun, very respectful kid, I hardly saw him doing homeworks and somehow this kid always did average in school. However he started to hang out with the wrong crowd I say. He brought in good values we didn't have. I used to thank God for the food but by myself we never sat on the table to pray and thank God for the food. Surprisingly now I'm doing it that's really good. But at the same time my brother is yelling at everybody,  saying horribly tasting jokes like "hey piece of $#$ how you doing?" that's terrible there.
Well the other night we were playing NBA 2K11 and well I have a bad controller PS3 please check your controllers all of them are messing up the same way. I go for a dunk and the player end up passing the ball in mid air. Most times that would result in turnover, or I would go for a dunk and it would start marking a play I never heard of and now I have to execute it and unfortunately the play ends with a dunk I do it and is 24 seconds. Add that the fact that I'm talking to my girlfriend. He was winning by 18 points with 3 minutes left and one of my best players injured thanks to attempting to make a pass in the air. Why did he started to jack 3 after 3 after 3 it seemed like a 3pts contest. He won by 40 because my defense was bad thank to the controller. I stood up and said I'm not playing with you no more. His answer? "come on bro I haven't been here since Thursday and that's what you give me" what I said to my pal, my gaming buddy, my best friend was even more surprising "Damn seems like it was yesterday that you was here" he was actually out for 4 days.
What I'm asking you now is where are you? are you the one that people can't wait to see you that people love to be around or you are like my brother you are out for four days and seem like if you left yesterday? If you are planning to be a happy person, have a lot of friends, if you are planning to be the go to person, if you are planning to go in business you better make sure you are the one people can't wait to see. A L Williams said that nobody like to be around a complaining cry baby. Nobody want to be around someone with a bad attitude. That's true you gotta make sure to have the attitude that if you go out in business the whole world want to follow you. You have to make sure that if you go away, people miss you. Make sure if you go away for a minute people don't exhale and say "thanks God"
But how you do it? make sure you have a great attitude, make sure to be excited about anything even the $200 dollars check you are getting Friday. Make sure you are a happy person that raise curiosity and people will come to you just to see what are you happy about. In some cases they think you are high on something or something like that. One day I think last month one of my former schoolmate (sorry I don't have your name here) posted this on her facebook. I completely agreed with her and so did 19 who clicked like and other 9 who commented including myself.
Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. - Buddha
Well guys to be honest with you this quote better fit another blog entry coming up. But it helps reminding that you have to be happy in order to succeed.
We all know that you can't be in business by yourself. Business is nothing but a happy person with some products and services to provide. Sometimes like in my case besides the products and services you have a business opportunity to offer. Remember what I said about always be happy? about always be excited about something? people would never know of your business because they will never approach you or let you approach them if your attitude suck. You smell bad, you don't dress properly, you have profane language, you walk by life like if someone owe you and forgot and worse you forgot how much. My friend you will never make it. "Ok Victor I learned that but I've been trying and it feel fake" Bill Whittle a great guy, very successful man in my business said "do it anyway, it would feel weird in the beginning it would feel fake in the beginning but soon you find your groove you put your own stuff and guess what? wouldn't be that fake no more" make it your own, mean it "well Victor I have been trying for 2 weeks and doesn't work" well i tell you what my friend, go and plant a corn seed and wait for it to grow and reproduce. It wont happen right? Nothing happen overnight, success is not meant to be overnight. During this absence I have been working hard on my business, I have been reading books, attending meetings and events. You have to cultivate yourself in order to succeed. "well Victor I'm a grocery owner and all I have to do is open the door and people walk in" Awesome my friend good for you. Now go and yell to a couple of your employees and then yell to some customers and see if you have happy employees tomorrow. Also would help to keep a picture of that customer you yelled at and see if that customer ever come back. You have to have a good attitude at all times even if your business sell itself.
The other day I was riding the bus in Brooklyn. I come in talk to the driver it was the first stop I was going to Kings Plaza mall. I talk to the bus driver, also spoke to him about what I'm doing. The bus starts, three stops later after the driver had this smile he was going home after this trip and luckily he would finish it in good mood. An uncoupled couple comes in the guy first he swipes twice and the woman follow. The driver wants to know who is he paying for since there was a mother with 3 teenage kids she paid four times. The driver wants to know who he paid for and this is the conversation
Guy: "oh no I'm not with her"
Driver: "ok sir thank you but you paid twice, either she pays her fare to me or pays to you because you paid twice"
Guy: "who the &((* you think you are to tell me what to do? this is my wife and you better don't mess with her"
Driver: "Look guys I want you to respect my bus, this is business, you want to play your game? ok but outside my bus"
That couple can't make new friends other than friends similar to them. You can't help it, some people just have a nasty attitude and would want to take you out of sync at any point. You have to be prepared to face them. In that case the bus driver trying to be all professional he ended up being influenced by the perverse couple and he ended up yelling at his replacement too. You have to be strong and counter all kinds of attacks to your tranquility. because there would be people trying to take you our of concentration, there would be people trying to distract you. Certainly you have to keep certain kind of people away if you want to be successful, you have to be willing to say no to certain people if you want to become someone meaningful. Stay focused and you will see it happening, welcome rejections, welcome difficulties, dance on the face of adversity and you will get stronger. Smile to life and success will find it way to you.

Thanks for reading and I see you in two weeks

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