Saturday, October 23, 2010

Can I please have your bank account and your credit?

Hello you don't know me at all this is a cold call and you have been robbed
I hear so much about "that company is a scam" let me tell you something, I hear that about the company I currently work with. I said that clear I didn't say the company I work for I said the company I work with because I work for my benefit and people's benefit. Awesome my company is into scams which would be stupid we do business face to face with people. But if you want to know about this company, contact me.
In the present time I'm building my business I would like to get a part time job while I build my business if that don't come I keep on building my awesome business. I have applied to many jobs with the intention of getting it, but I have been getting spams, now I apply to even full time jobs that I know that I don't qualify for them still apply and I still get an offer of employment from them. If you happen to search for scam and you received an e-mail that is too good to be true, please stay reading before responding that. I would walk you through determining if that's a scam to reporting and de-activating the perpetrator's e-mail address.
I know you guys have a professional e mail address like mine firstname. or - or_ lastname at email server but you also have those accounts like hotmami, hotdaddy, etc or your @myspace e mail which they started earlier this year. Do NOT put those on your resume please, but seriously, if you are posting on either Careerbuilder, or Monster put your professional address on your resume but use that other account for your profile on these sites. The reason is that Career and Monsters happen to affiliate with several other companies that send you offers that you didn't ask for. You have no job and they send you to spend money. Viagra even if you are a woman, breast implants even if you are a man, colleges trying to recruit you is really insane. Or you can still apply for jobs on careerbuilder even without a resume uploaded to them you apply for whatever job you want,  the drawback is that some employers don't post, they handpick their employees from these sites and if you are not there, they would not see you. Also if I was you, I would keep my personal information away from Craigslist resume. The fact is that you are subject to regular people not employers seeking your resume, unexpected visitors knocking your door, prank callers and oh yeah scam/spam e mails and mails.
I applied for receptionist on craigslist, and this guy reply telling me he's in UK for a business trip, this is a work from home job (by the way I work as a receptionist in my house answering the phone, receiving visitors lol) and then come the creepy questions name: Didn't you see it on my resume? address not P.O box, Sex: Ok dude my name is Victor Morillo how does that sound to you man or woman? age? that information can be used to rob your identity believe it or not, or better believe it and be cautious don't test these people. Another common thing is that they ask you to give them your account number so they can pay you, or they would give you a bank account great you use your information there your social security number or tax ID has to be used for you to get a bank account and once you enter that information somewhere you are fried my friend. Another very common is that you get an e mail telling you that you won x million dollars and you have to give them your bank account, or you have to pay x money, you won something free but you have to pay them something, this is the price of x country I want to deposit certain amount of money, this is the lottery of x country you won x million,your e mail address is the winner of x million. Guys let's be clear here nobody get nothing for free you gotta do something in order to get something and if you know you didn't participate in no contests how come you won? I was chatting with this girl from New Jersey, I talked about my business etc she said sound awesome, she was in India visiting, her father fell ill there. Now this is when turns creepy she told me she's broke and she got her monthly visit and she needs money to buy towels first of all is too early for me to know that type of info we are not officially friends, and hello dad is there he can give you money specially when he runs a construction firm. Offline she asked me for my bank account # or a check so she can cash it out. What she got from me was a complete report to Yahoo messenger she turned out to be a scam.
One that is very rampant is the credit report. Awesome I know that many companies ask for credit report, but let me ask you something, would you do that before the interview, during or after the interview? we both agree that with the economy and the credit crisis everybody's credit is bad and if an employee is interested in you they will call you first, interview you and then you give your credit report if you have it. By the way, my company has the best credit report in the market with a well qualified five star service behind it, if you want to learn about it please hit me up and we talk further about that. If you are not in my state, I am a team player I can pass you to someone equally qualified that can help you out.
This is how they operate, x company contact you for a job, they also have a link to take your credit summary. NOW remember couple of lines ago I told you about not entering your SSN everywhere? notice that they don't ask you if you have a credit report with you they immediately assume you don't have, so you sign up for that company not only you risk to get your identity stolen, you might have unknowingly applied to get a cheap (not for price but service) credit report that now you have to pay for when you don't have money that's why you are applying for a job in the first place.
Reporting spam/scam via e mail
I'm so happy that the US post office took matters in hand this week sending a brochure to all of their million mailbox about how to detect scams. But they don't tell you how kill them once and for all. Here I'd walk you through battling spam via e_mail I would start with Google/gmail users.
Yahoo/Ymail/Rocketmail Users
All these are from Yahoo servers they just launched their mail services under three different mail names. For this you again open the message, go to the button that say "actions" go all the way down to "view full header" a new window will pop out with all those silly characters that you don't understand. press Ctrl+A if you are PC user I have no idea what you press for select all on all the other systems I apologize. Press Ctrl+C or whatever you use to copy, Next you visit yahoo's abuse reporting page this page is for general abuse as you can see you can report phishing, if your account have been hacked etc. But we will work this time with Reporting Spam (mail) Go to the reporting spam page. Now you will paste the header you just copied from the e mail by pressing Ctrl+V (microsoft) on the upper field. On the lower field you can explain the message then leave a space, type something like "here is the message" then paste the message there. Or just copy the message and paste it without comment.
Hotmail/Windows Live
Go to the message, similar to Gmail on the right corner there's a button that says "reply" with a drop button and the date right under it. Hit the drop button, click "View message source" you will see a new window opening. press Ctrl+A if you are PC user I have no idea what you press for select all on all the other systems I apologize. Press Ctrl+C or whatever you use to copy, then Ctrl+V to paste it into the mail you are writing. Next you copy the message into that message you are typing.
For AOL mail you open the message, click on "action" click "view message source" and a new window will pop out. press Ctrl+A if you are PC user I have no idea what you press for select all on all the other systems I apologize. Press Ctrl+C or whatever you use to copy, then Ctrl+V to paste it into the mail you are writing. Next you copy the message into that message you are typing.
For all others services you could actually guess it following the instructions here, checking help or customer services from your mail server. 

If you receive an email that is fishy you know is scam here's what you do. You go to the reply button on the body right next to "show details" hit the drop box and click on "show original" look all silly but that's the coding of the email is gold for any mail service to fight the perpetrator that is the original header. Type a brief message, go to that window you opened for the original header press Ctrl+A if you are PC user I have no idea what you press for select all on all the other systems I apologize. Press Ctrl+C or whatever you use to copy, then Ctrl+V to paste it into the mail you are writing. Next you copy the message into that message you are typing.
Where to report them?
I only knew how to report Gmail was I guessed the rest just writing abuse @ something 
IF you receive a message from a gmail user that is scam or spam or using abuse language or is harassing you somehow even if is on google talk. e mail this to
 IF you receive from hotmail or windows live some scam offer e mail to abusive language harassment or any abusive mail that is spam spam@hotmail
From an aol user
from earthlink user
from AT&T user 
and so on. Really battle them down. Yes they will make another account after theirs get canceled, keep on shutting them down they will soon get tired. They will forever find a way to scam money away from us, but while you keep analyzing and finding out about their new tricks, you will know how to stop them.
Before I go I want to thank you for reading and I advise you if a company promise you a job be sure that they tell you a time for interview and an address for the interview otherwise is garbage and has to be sent to burn, also verify the company by googling it or yahooing it whatever you do. Search it on  
You often would see bad reviews on the internet and you will believe them. This is a waste of time because people sometimes happen to have bad experience with a particular company not because the company but because the person who is conducting business. If you are computer literate like me you will post a bad review about a particular company on any website. Know that when you conduct a business with a company you are not facing the company, you are dealing with the person's personality. Also if you are the owner or representative of the competition, some companies do the dirty job of posting negative reports and lies about a company. Today is the most visited site to search about anything. Again I can sit down here and pick a company and say something negative. How to find out if a company is strong, if is not scam. First check the company's website, see how the company do business. or you can also check the company you are dealing with on the better business bureau for insurers check AM best
Some companies deal this way, they call you you asking for information. DON'T unless they tell you they want to talk to you and the reason they are calling is because someone you know passed your number to him/her. Hey at least there's a person in common and your friend would never send someone to fry you. The whole point I try to make is be very careful. Thank you for reading and I will see you in two weeks.

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