Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's not over until is over

To be honest I wasn't ready for this article, my focus was toward 1 particular topic. That article will be out next week.
When you are a baseball fan, this is a familiar phrase. This week has proven this phrase and I'm not talking about baseball I'm not talking about the Texas Rangers finally in the ALCS. While I'm typing this, rescuers in Chile have put hours trying to bring back to surface 33 miners. Guys honestly, this is news worth watching. I don't know what religion you might practice if any but I'm a Cristian and every time I saw one person coming out successfully I would say thanks God. I fell asleep with the TV on, I woke up this morning and Telemundo 47 New York said in it screen obviously in Spanish 11 miners rescued 22 to go. Again I said thanks God.
Screen Shot MSNBC broadcast of the rescue in Chile 10/13/10

But the biggest news here is not them coming out, thanks to technology and a lot of work there's not doubt they will come out. When I heard of the plans of a capsule going to pick them up one by one. I knew it was going to be a success because they won't put people's life in the line like that. I was worried that they would start a fight wanting to be the first in the capsule survival of the fittest. But it wasn't that way, these guys worked as a team. I though I would see them low spirited but what I got was some guys looking all happy and in perfect conditions and to what TV show me, they seem like coming out of a vacation or something like that.Sometimes we have to get to work as a team, they all wanted to be the last to leave, my team first then me. That should be the attitude people like to feel special. Help someone and help yourself.
Screen shot the Today's show Mario Sepulveda get out with great spirit bringing souvenirs, and crying victory to fellow miners awaiting outside. 

 These 33 names and faces would be remembered for many specially in Chile and Bolivia (1 miner was from Bolivia the only foreign) But no one like Mario Sepulveda. He showed all a lesson of keeping hopes alive, he showed us all to remain ourselves keep out composure regardless of what's going on around you. It's not over until is over, it is not over until I can breathe and turn things around. And if you think people don't get inspired by that, how come everybody remember Mario or Super Mario as I heard someone I forgot her name referred him by on the Today's Show? Man I saw that guy's actions I though he was a Texas Rangers fan. I was watching the ALDS while watching the first few rescues. I saw the Texas Rangers win and celebrate, I switch channels and I see this guy celebrating jumping all over the places. I though I didn't change channels at all. If I don't explain the picture to you, you might think was a singer in front of his crowd, that's not the kind of scene you expect in a rescue site. Emotive yes, euphoric well maybe but not that much. When her sister was interviewed, she said it wasn't a surprise that's how Mario is, all she expects is that this didn't affected his attitude that don't change him at all. God I hope the same we need people like that in this world.
Faced with the biggest lost this guy didn't lose hope, he can't do nothing but stay alive. He even picked souvenirs from the undeserved prison. He, faced the loss of his life yet he didn't lose his composure, he didn't lose hope he would not lose. The question here is why do you? why do you give up when everything come out wrong? Why do you? There's only one person who can keep you from losing, there's only one person that can take you out of the defeat and that's you. I heard a couple of years ago from one speaker in the business I'm in that you don't talk down to yourself you never tell defeat in your cause or you will be killing your success. You are killing yourself before the big game.
Raul Bustos Jr Abc Español

In order to succeed you have to fall many times and if you are familiar with my blogs you can tell I showed you many examples already in previous postings. Another thing you shouldn't have in mind is fear, fear to face adversity fear to stand up for what you believe, fear to just do what you do. Raúl Bustos Jr. Is a survivor to an earthquake and a tsunami that shook Chile Earlier this year. After surviving the fury of nature the last place you want to be is underground. He is a hydraulic mechanic and he accepted a job offer to work in the mine. If he's part of this article you guessed right, he's one of the miners trapped. He survived the Tsunami and the Earthquake, and is set to survive this other disaster. Bad luck? maybe no, see nobody want to test how much they want to live nobody want to test nothing about how much they want something, but maybe is an opportunity for him to look at his life and say I was given 4 opportunities to live, what I have done with my life so far? what do I have to do? Do I feel happy in my current situation? Lucky Raul he got four chances is like playing video games or something like that. But many of us get one chance and that's it. So I would sit down and analyze those questions Raul might ask himself later, I want you to sit down and ask yourself those questions. Life is precious and we better make out time here well worth it.
Everyday just thank for all you got and what you are going to get, have clear where you are going and always be excited.

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