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Priority: Do we really have a set of prorities?

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You know, often we ask ourselves why things don't work right?, why things don't come the way we expected?, I didn't get this I didn't get that and that or even that. Well I think we are starting to notice the problem already. I wasn't writing this entry I was focused on getting the next entry done as soon as possible but I was a little blocked. Yesterday my girlfriend was coming over to visit me, I read on my phone the following "Vic you are not gonna believe what happened in the train, I'm still in shock." What happened was that this woman was traveling with her 3 years old son, she started to argue with this woman before boarding the train my girlfriend was already riding. Here come the gravity of this matter. The two women continued to argue some of the argument was about her son, suddenly there's a fight, a fight break out inside the train. The reason of the fight? A seat none of them was willing to give in the seat. Meanwhile the poor little kid is frightened he doesn't want to come in because there are two giants (no that there were big but for a three years old, any adult is a giant) the kid was terrified because there were two giants fighting in his path and can't move. The train was about to leave the boy in the station, my girlfriend this is one reason why I love her so much; she frantically pulled the kid into the train just before the train closed the doors. BELIEVE IT OR NOT the woman kept on fighting the other woman over the seat. She did not worry about her child about 5 stops later which is equivalent to 2 miles. She obviously set her priorities, but did she have the right priorities?
I believe priorities and goals go hand in hand check out my entry on goal settings couple of months ago. Feel free to click the link to re visit that entry if you like.
A L Williams a man so hated by the insurance industry but they have reasons to hate him, the consumer have no reasons to hate him at all. Anyway, A L williams said about priorities that you have to make sure you set your priorities right, Family is first, God is second, then your business. You see, some people talk so much about oh my family this my family that, but this is how they operate. Get up early, let the older sibling or a babysitter to drop the kids at school. work the entire time, come back home and tell kids "leave me alone I'm tired" then go to sleep and do the same the next day. How is that working for the family? this person clearly is putting business or job before family, God hopefully is put second (if this person pray every night before bed) but otherwise God is put last, is weekend, too tired to go to church is time to be with my kids before I go to party :0  OH WOW. How about this other one? the person work all day long, hardly see the family, Saturday spend it in bed resting. "Dad I have the championship game today" the father's response is: " I have to go to church" or " I have a meeting to attend" tell me people, how is that kind of lifestyle right?
People tend to forget what's first or set the first priority wrong. Yes chase your first priority but end up empty handed. I once started in a project for a book but I got lazy and never even got half way. I had a bunch of ideas but never put the book together. One of the notes say "man is crazy over getting rich, crazy over getting that treasure that he forgets his family, all he does is yell and ask family for favors but is never there for them." "seeing his negligence his family move out of the house, his friends now dislike him" Well shame on me, that's a very good line right there I believe that you should always keep in mind what's first and doesn't matter how much you go after those other priorities, your first priority is first all the time. Taking ALW classification of priorities I believe that you should always be there for your family and friends, remind them how much you love them. If you follow any religion I believe you should talk to God at least once a day. See the pattern? people in your life are first, because when you are gone, they will keep your memory alive. Remember that time you got fired from your job? how about you, Remember when you quit your last job? Did you die? it let you know now that ALW is actually correct, money is last priority. Sure it get you a lot of fancy stuff and make your life easier. But money have the tendency of leaving you quick and sometimes leave you without even announcing is leaving. I believe that if you are at work you should call your home and talk to your house, ask for your kids or siblings.
Remember when I started the entry talking about "how come I don't get this?, or this or that?" One of the most effective weapons is the sniper rifle. What makes the sniper rifle so effective? First of all I have never held a gun (except on call of duty I have killed what could be the total population of Haiti, maybe Jamaica queens) I know of guns maybe less than you. What makes the sniper rifle so effective? it has an eye piece, cross-hair that blocks whatever is around you and focusing exclusively in the target, unlike other guns that make you miss more shots thank those you fire. I believe I have stated my point here. When you don't focus in a specific goal, when you don't know what your priorities are, is very likely you end up all over the places, is very likely that you don't succeed at it. And don't tell me that you don't have none. Even if you are a teenager struggling to graduate because your Math is a mess. I believe you should focus on getting better at Math that's a secondary priority because I believe you want to graduate right? then that's your priority. I want you to know that priorities change as you go on with life. Graduated, no family of your own, no job? well I believe your priority should be getting a job before finding that perfect match for your family. If you are past your years of raising a family I believe your main priority should be staying healthy to enjoy more of the family you raised.
I believe you should know what your main priority is, what are your secondary priorities, satisface your main priority and keep working on satisfying your main priority rather than be all around. I took this picture from another blog I will give you the link to that other wonderful article. This person picked the correct picture for that entry. Notice what the balance has on the beer representing fun and the books representing work and responsibilities. "How come I never get to do nothing right? nothing come out the way I want it... Success is not for me" My friend, with all the respect you deserve I don't think you are working as hard, you are not that focused. Or maybe you are putting too much pressure on you and letting obstacles take over you. Pay attention to this: A profesional basketball player in practice could shoot around 75% from the field, a good three point shooter could hit around 65% in practice. Let's go into the game now, the pressure that you have to win (pressure) may reduce effectivity, in rare cases some players grow bigger in games. No problem, we have the defense (obstacles) Now instead of 75% we have a star player shooting 45% unless is a center who usually shoot 50%-65% high percentage shooters I didn't even think of how higher they would shoot in practice because the percentage is ridiculous. We have a three point shooter going from 65% to 42%. How do this applies to you? When relaxed no pressure, sure you can perform well at anything. But we have to accept that life is full of obstacles to overcome. We all have to learn to overcome them not give up to them. Obstacles will always be there to challenge you. But let me tell you, if your priorities look like the picture above, then there's no secret on why things are not coming right for you, you would be in for some empty life. Should work harder than the fun you have. I never expected to get a quote from this guy but I got one that stuck all the time
"My crew and I made sure to have a lot of fun, but we worked as hard as we had fun"
                                                             50 cent's characted on get rich or die trying
Have fun but work as hard, keep those around you happy so they cushion your falls and get you back up.

See all of you soon
Take care

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