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Goal: The essence of succeeding or failing

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There are several steps to achieve your goals to see those steps Click here

How many of you have seen a race where the runners don't know where is the end, in which direction is the end? How many of you would be interested in participating in a race like that? I don't know you, but I think that me and you might agree that doesn't make sense to embark in a journey if you don't know where you are going. It doesn't make any sense start in a career that you don't know exactly what you expect from that career, what you want to achieve.
I often talk about my current career, but I have to admit I wasn't really feeling energized about this no more, I wasn't feeling so eager to do it no more until someone shed some light, injected some fuel in me. I have been in business for over two years now and it been a roller coaster of emotions. I often questioned how some of my colleagues stay excited after being in business 20-30 years. Some weeks ago someone who's been in business for 15 years building a successful business the right way started to talk about what motivate him to be in business. And just last week the same guy came back to his old topic talking of what motivate him, his goals and dreams. "you have to start questioning why are you here" mmm that was a very good question.
You see, when I first started in business I just wanted one thing in special and that was retire my father. He's currently 55 years old and haven't stop working since he was 10, travel, and provide a good life for my family. Sound pretty descent to me but that's not going to fire me up. WHY? I don't have a clear goal. Sure I knew what I wanted, sure I knew what I wanted to do, but the mileage of my race wasn't determined. I didn't know how much I wanted, I hadn't specified a distance for my goal and so I hadn't specified what price to pay.
I have the best opportunity in the world for a regular man like me in North America and I would find myself coming from my job and straight to play video games, watch tv, take whole days off lagging in front of the computer doing nothing, just seeing others living their dream. What about mine? You know what happened? I didn't have a goal an exact goal. My goal was: helping my father to retire but this is not a viable goal due to the fact that if I get far, I get to help my parents anyway. It happens that if my father get me upset at least for that day I'm out from chasing my goal, I wanted to travel, well with so many stuff going on around the world.. I refuse to watch news but there are some news that you just can't ignore and looking at how things are I don't think I might be that eager to travel, then is the fact that I want to provide the best to my family. At the time I'm writing this blog I'm not married not kids, and have a girlfriend well at least I have that. but is just the same as my father. If my girlfriend get me upset I'm out of the chase too.
I made sure to set up a goal that keep me ignited I put on paper how much in total I want to make two years and a half from now. You see, I'm not longer placing my goals in someone else's hands. You might agree with me that the momentum of my goals was handled by my father, girlfriend and the news. Worse, they didn't know about it. Placing an specific goal on paper would remind me to just do it, it doesn't matter how angry I get with my father, my girlfriend . I think it would help me get there faster. Family time, oh I'm mad at them ok family time is work time now.. I'm just joking I really love my family. Putting down in paper my goals would remind me to just got after it independently of what happens with my girlfriend, parents, or the world. I only know I have certain amount of time to make certain amount of money. What would happen (please God don't let that happen) if my father died? I'm pretty sure that in the past my goals would have died too. In the present my goals continue only with the sadness that my father didn't see me succeeding. Also is important to have someone to be accountable to could be a son/daughter, your wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend a good friend, and or co-worker. For the following reason if you are the only one who know of your goal is very likely that you get out of the chase for your goals "if nobody know, there's no sin. Instead of working my business, let me watch some tv, I deserve some rest" It happens that you really enjoyed and the next day you are in the same. When you come to realize you are lost in laziness. Having someone to be accountable to achieve 3 things
1) Create a sense of consciousness, a sense of urgency "Oh John is looking at me to see if I'm serious of my goals I better set out to work"
2) Activate John to call you out when you are getting out of your objective
3) Someone to follow your progress and someone who know what you are talking about
"Well Victor this is another good post for those who have business" NO what I'm stating here is that whatever goal you want.
1) Find out what you want to achieve. has to be clear, something you really want, not something that sound beautiful.
2) Specify a date for when you want to achieve that goal
3) Write them down in a piece of paper that you are going to carry with you everywhere everyday, place it around keep it visible get obsessed with your goal. If your goal is a car, get a picture of that car, or a similar model and keep it visible.
4) Determine the price to pay for your goal and very important Do not negotiate the price. Remember the
5) Determine who can help you to stay in focus, and help you to get there. I have the fortune and misfortune to have John Mcmullen, Charles Lutz and my girlfriend in my business. They contact me almost daily to see my progress. It's a misfortune but good misfortune because there are days that I promise to do something, I don't do it and then I try to hide. Hey I'm afraid of giving the message that I'm not serious or that I failed.
6) Find out if you need to develop any specific skills to achieve that goal.
 7) Develop a plan of action
8) Celebrate
Let say that you want a better relationship. I believe that the logic is write down that goal and put it in a place that only you know of, put a SPECIFIC date and I hope the date is not "as soon as possible (ASAP)" Honestly that's undefined. Analise the situation well and put a date according to the gravity of the situation, after that you must find out the price you have to pay. "well we are in this mess because I spend too much time  watching sports on TV, instead of paying attention to her, never tell her how good she cooked. I will cut down the TV time, maybe get home earlier so I have my tv time and don't miss my favorite show and my favorite woman, maybe call her more when I'm out." "Well maybe I learn new recipes and don't bore him with the same food." maybe I cut down my phone time with my friend and so we can talk more and leave the tv for me as he does after I hang up the phone." Sure you know what to sacrifice to fix the problem. Maybe you spend far too much time on the computer. If you spend it reading this blog double thumbs up :D invite your spouse and send to friends :D Now seriously, talk to someone maybe a good friend, someone that have that relationship you dream of, if you don't have a friend with those characteristics find someone who do, talk to that person about their relationship, what you see good, what you want in your relationship. NEVER SPEAK IN TERMS OF WHAT YOU DON'T WANT just focus on what you want. It would become natural for John to ask how is your relationship going because John is working with you to fix it. You have chosen John to guide you, John is an example of what you want. John will give you advices and maybe help you to develop a plan to achieve your goal. You just need to ask. Lastly you have to celebrate, after achieving your goal invite John and spouse to eat with your spouse, dance, sing, go crazy you made it, is your time. You know what time is it? time to identify another goal and go after it.
Anything you want to achieve doesn't necessarily have to do with business, but in every aspects of life you have to see look at what do you want to accomplish, when and what are you willing to pay. Maybe is that one week vacation to Florida next summer. Hey have you noticed you work everyday, pay $100 something for your cable and you only watch one channel? How about giving up the cable and get that money together and have your well deserved vacations.
You have to know with clarity what you want, you have to know when you want it, what are you willing to give up to get that goal, who would you need to help you out to reach that goal if relationship wise who do you think have a great relationship and might give you good advice, who is successful and might give you good advice. And finally don't forget to write it down. Be serious of your goal remember a deal is not a deal unless you sign the papers.
BUT the greatest problem with humanity is that we are willing to get but we are not willing to pay the price for what we want, we are not willing to sacrifice. One very important thing you have to remember is that if you do what the crowd do, you would end up with the crowd, if you do what others are not willing to do, you will get what others don't get.

See you all in two weeks
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It is time to set your goals it's never too late doesn't matter you are 78,108,120 years old. You still have a lot ot give to the world for some reason you still here. I hope is because you are celebrating your goals accomplished. We see you on the top the bottom is too crowded.
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