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Religion: A get together/motivational group or a way to create panic

It's a shame to me that the internet have been filled with so many of the following graphics and that in this world of information and intelligence we got played that bad.
just a small collection of all the pictures circulating the web and the streets
 I have been working hard submerged in getting my business going. Also was working on three different postings coming out soon. There I was waiting on the bus like always minding my own business when the following a complete caravan passed right up Jamaica avenue. I couldn't believe my eyes see yourself what I saw.

It was a van painted in the same colors with a siren on which allowed them to call the attention of people and 8 buses probably full of people fully painted including the windows.
First of all that's not awesome news I want live forever not just one more month, second is the fact that are you serious??? two things are wrong with this picture. Number one I think is freaking scary you driving down the highway and see this bus. I can agree you can say Grrr people, or in the worst case scenario have a heart attack and make a huge pile up. I bet you agree that's doomsday come true. Number two how can the bible guarantee this? According to our religion the bible was written by humans inspired by God many years ago. There was no calendar there was nothing. The calendar we currently use the Gregorian Calendar started to be used in February 1582. How can the bible predict an event on a date of a calendar that doesn't even exist?
I used to be a church guy I would go to church every Sunday, enter the church every other day just to enter. But I got driven away from church little by little. I didn't get away from God I still pray, I'm still a good guy. The reason for me leaving was. One, with the respect of my Mexican friends but they would decorate the church in the Mexican flag colors for cinco de mayo and Mexican independence. I have to admit, Mexican are the most religious among Hispanic maybe because they are the most populated hispanic country so we have more of them religious. No but seriously they appear to be very religious. But come on, let's be honest with ourselves. According to the creationism (largely accepted by church) God created the earth, he didn't created the United States, The United States Of Mexico, Dominican Republic etc. NO that was created by us. So if that was created by us, Why a church gets to wear the colors of a country in particular? Why would a church wear the colors of any country when for God there's no country? God talk about loving one another, we "are all brothers and sisters" why do my church bless the troops fighting overseas? I guess you agree God is not happy with the war particularly because some other church "on the enemy side" is asking him for help to win against USA, USA is asking for the same. It's ok for the parents of these fighters to pray for the return of their sons and daughters. Is your family, you pray every time for your children and friends to be safe, but the church asking God to help a particular troop to win even if I live in the United States that's wrong. Church should promote unity and peace. Another thing that made me walk away is the fact that we live in a world of negativity, I tune in to religious channels sometimes and I hear good stuff, I tune in to Les Brown, John C Maxwell as well trying to get some positivism in my life. I go to church "the holiest place in your neighborhood" and what do I get? Negative messages, "the end is near" "you will burn in hell" I don't want to hear that so I choose to step out.
I just can't live with negative messages and apparently the church have adopted scare tactics. The bus situation go far enough to use the bible THE BIBLE THE HOLY BOOK as an endorser of this campaign. Next to me that day was a Muslim woman also waiting for the bus. I could see her nodding her head in disapproval, I could see her face of disgust. I briefly spoke with her and confirmed it, putting a date on "the end" is not that great thing and then using the bible as a guarantee that it's gonna happen.  To me that's distasteful it's also a breach of one of the ten commandments, I have more to go on this particular statement.
While cutting my hair a news flash on "primer Impacto" (first impact news) of Univision they were talking about this girl sweating blood. Instead of taking the girl to the hospital, the neighbors are seeing this as a miracle, the neighbors are seeing this as a signal and gathering around this girl to ask her for miracles. People if there's an end somewhere we are close. According to the bible which these fans try to put in question here God sent destruction once because people were idolizing other stuff before him. Well this is happening now, instead of studying what's wrong with this girl, let see this as a miracle and she can make miracles come true really? Well I wonder if I came out flashing thunder through my eyes, capable of creating a current of 16000 watts walking around with a hat. Does that make me miraculous? wait a second that make me Rayden from Mortal Kombat lol. My new found barber and I were talking about this. He got to the conclusion.
A miracle is not a miracle unless I see it happening right before my eyes. In this age of multimedia with church struggling to gather people anything can be done to get the people back in the church. I have seen cases of the Christ with tears of blood. what if they put that "blood" there and now let's call Univision, Telemundo, ABC to inform about this, now we have people coming from all around the world.
His view is too radical but  I have to be honest at some point he's right. What could revive the faith? "a miracle" if it doesn't happen let's make it happen. I  wont play with God's word in that way. I think that people lost faith, people lost respect for God, and even the church who is supposed to talk about God's words is supposed to be the medium between God and the world is going to these extremes. You have to start questioning what kind of world are we living today. If this was written in the book as religious say as religious want to make you believe (trying to create chaos) how come the governments of the world didn't see this earlier? maybe create a space ship and send some of us out of here to save humanity. Once again if God want to exterminate humanity doesn't matter where you run you are done, but if that's not the plan, God would allow a few to get away. Hey I'm sitting down here writing on a computer, God gave someone the knowledge to make it. Again if 5/21/11 was the final day, he would have let someone he wanted to be safe know, build a space ship and leave (modern day Noah) Using the bible to back up such a statement if we all wake up on May 22,2011 is breaking with one of the ten commandments wrongfully using the name of God, using the name of God in vain.

Look my friend, you don't worry continue to live your life, if you are one of those doubting all the church's movement, just make sure you are a good person, make sure to do good all the time. To me the end of the days still like the old times (when I die) We already went through the Y2K some of you reading this publication on 4/9/2011 the youngest could be as young as 11 you know nothing of this. But if you are at least 16 you might remember how scared your parents were on new year 2000. Satellites will drop off the skies into people's head, computers will go crazy, planes will crash. Well guess what, there was mass suicide, there were a lot of people depressed and nothing of that actually happened. My digital watch reluctantly marked 0:00:01 01/01/00. The windows 98 computer in my grandma's house went with no problem into the year 2000. If we are indeed living the final years fine. But we wont stop living, we wont stop because that's why God gave you a life for. You know when was your birthday, I'm pretty sure about that, but we don't know our expiration date. Scientists know when the earth was born, but nobody can tell when is the planet expiring independently of how many predictions they have. Predictions sometimes they are true sometimes they are not. Some of you came from playing a lottery ticket, you predicted that those numbers would win tonight, How sure are you that those numbers are winning? How many times have you predicted these numbers to win? Rare occasion like last week seven employees from upstate NY predicted correctly, but millions more predicted wrong. Live your life, when the end come will come and you know that you lived your life, you did the right thing, you was a good person. That's all you have to keep in mind.

Blessings to all

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