Monday, November 14, 2011

Facebook: customizing news feed and Top friends list

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This is not the official entry for this week this is a special edition entry. Is my first video I will be talking about customizing your news feed and the brand new top friends list. I have to warn you that my accent is pretty heavy when I am nervous and this time wasn't the exception. Is the first time I go live to a potentially large audience. Check it out and please leave your comments and suggestions, also vote this entry at the bottom of the entry. New video coming soon depending on the responses to this one.

I also have to note the fact that there was not script everything was said in the flight. I was writing a script and doing some test runs for days but I tossed all out. Actually I'm a very slow reader out loud and you would know I was reading, this entry is just me talking the way I talk. Thank you for watching and leaving your comments.
I will be back shortly

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