Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baby steps....To where you are going

Screenshot of a quote posted by Jenn on her facebook page a couple of weeks ago obviously we had our conversation on that topic.
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For the second time in the history of this blog I would bring in one of my beloved facebook friends. She's being in my life for quite a while I'm very happy to have someone like her, she has been very influential person in this blog she has named my most successful entries including "inside or out what's the real matter that count?" "to make love or to make war?" "for a season or for a lifetime?" among others. Is nobody else than my own girlfriend Jennifer M. I have been thinking of how to put together this entry, it was a long conversation but I don't want to make it a long entry for you.
I have been posting videos on my blog's group on facebook, join in you are missing on some other extra content there, these are videos I receive from John C Maxwell he has this section daily called "a minute with Maxwell" yesterday I heard about the word "risks" I loved this line he said "putting this baseball analogy, standing at first base people want to go to second base while staying safe at first base..." is the fact that people want it all but wont take risks to get there, or the fact that people just want to accelerate everything and avoiding the work in between. You know, this is a big problem with us humans we expect rewards too fast. We enter in a business expecting to make a million in the first year, enter a business and expect to know it all in the first day, you want a job but you are not willing to go through the hassle of applying for one, going to interview and going through that first day where you don't know nothing. I understand is not easy going to work Monday-Friday and not seeing the family and friends that much, but also is true that people go too crazy with Friday seems is the only day of the week that matters. Hey how about the work you have to perform to get that money?
Respect the law of proccess an activity can't get completed unless it goes through a proccess. In Science there are steps to get to a study of something, there's a hypothesis, then there's collection of samples, observation, experimentation but before that you need to know what equipments you need and have a laboratory ready for experimentation, write the data collected, talk to other scientists on their experiences, then finally you make a conclusion on the experiment. This is the same with everything in life, the baby starts to get to know those people around him/her, then start realizing who's around the most, then the baby starts to get comfortable with those people, starts to smile to them, laugh, and later on realize these are his/her family. A person is not born walking they still have to go through a lot of process, sit by themselves, get on foot and fall many times trying to take that first step before actually walking.
"the problem is that we live in a society where everything is fast, we shuffle between channels at really high speed, we microwave our foods, and the same is happening in our foods"
Food inc (netflix) a specialist talking about how the food is produced at high speed there's not a normal proccess but all accelerated.
Honestly he couldn't say better than that. We go through life thanking God is Friday, we can't have Friday without Monday, Tuesday... thank God (our the Gods) for giving you one more day. Would you be happy if all your days was from 11:59PM to 12:00AM then again 11:59PM to 12:00AM? well to start that only happen in video games (simulate an entire baseball season in one day) here's is the problem, the body need to rest 8 hours a day at least, if your days is only one minute you get old fast, can't rest or share with your family. My point is, you can't have what you want without going through what you don't want. As a good real estate agent you get ridiculous income based on your sales, but let's face it, doesn't matter how good you are, you don't really like to hear that question "Why is this house so expensive?" "Why you think is perfect for us?" 'why you trying to sell me this house?" they are technically the same question but very common. Let's face it, you have to convince the client which is not easy specially if you are not a people's person which I think is stupid work in a people's environment when you are not a people's person. But you have to go through that in order to sell the house and get your commission and put food on your family's table.
You see, the problem is that we want our spouse not to cheat but we don't do nothing that make them stick by the house, I understand you are a descent woman but that doesn't mean you can't act a bit different with your husband (if you know what I mean) it takes work to maintain a relationship unfortunately people find it hard to work for it. Cool break it up if you are not happy. Is it exciting with a new person? Of course it is. We talk about a new person with a totally different personality you have desires for, she/he has desires for you, there's a lot of mystery. Turns out that 2 years later you find out the grass wasn't as green as you though on this side, this person start to act up on you, and now you miss your old relationship. You want money but you don't want to get up to work Monday to Friday, have a business and don't run it properly because you are lazy you want the business to produce but you are not putting your passion into it. You want that big income your insurance company promised you but you don't show up for trainings and don't want to answer the question on why the client should buy your product and rid of the old one. No excited with your job? Go ahead quit (USA is going through an economic depression still 'thank you Bush not Obama the country was already destroyed when he came in) I assure you that you will go through hundreds interviews, and take a year to find a job, excited about your new job? let see if you say that two years later. The problem is that we don't want to go through fixing nothing, human beings some more than others tend to have acute laziness and don't want to go through stuff to get enjoyment. Money is not going to rain from the sky you have to work to get there.
If you had enough money to buy stocks in the stock market you wont make that much money in your first year, is likely that you reach one million from hundred thousand you invested and next day you are back in half of that million. Is a process you can't expect to win without any sacrifice, accept that sometimes is a longer process, accept that sometimes you have to take things slow.
See you on a very next episode it would be the first vlog on youtube.

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