Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thank you a thousand times

This special edition video comes with a thank you note to all of you for your overwhelming support on my latest entry. I have to thank also everyone (one that was jenn) on this matter before this entry was even posted. This has definitely inspired me to bring you more I still will have my two blog entries and also a video vlog. Maybe me talking to you about certain topic, or just me making a videogame commentary. We will have a lot of fun ahead and I will do my best to bring more and better content.
Enjoy the video. Please note, my first language is Spanish not English so there will be a heavy accent, at the time of the recording superbowl was on. Actually the halftime show and I often looked away. This is recorded with the laptop's microphone so don't expect high quality when the speaker (me) was looking away most of the time is innapropriate but I had to thank you guys for all the support offered to "Bullying a Society of Insecurity" I would love to see your comments I really like to know what all of you think. I'm becoming some sort of outspoken person I wasn't that way all the time and I want to see what you guys think about the topic.
See you shortly.

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