Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Should we fire the MTA?

That's the question.
It got me irate an article on yesterday's AM NY talking about how the MTA is planning to increase fares rates. They already decreased services by limiting or eliminating some bus routes. Now they come to us telling us they need more money. The funny thing with the MTA is that even their best move comes out as a bad one.
On the morning of June 28, 2010 when MTA unveiled doomsday; their actual best move failed. They put the M train to run uptown Manhattan (most brooklynites using that route work in that direction) no longer have to stop at Delancey for the F, just keep on sleeping til you get to your stop lol. That failed when West 4th Street caught fire. Instead of sounding the alarm early and send all trains either on the E or R, they continued to push more M trains through their usual course. I had no idea the train was messed up just slow as usual. It takes only 7 minutes between Continental Ave and Roosevelt, that morning took me half an hour to get to Continental, another half an hour between the previously named points. I made it to work at 10:30 AM an hour and a half late. DOES THAT SOUND FAIR MTA?
Based on the service MTA provide, How much should we pay? Me and you reading this might agree that nothing, we take the subway from MTA because they are the only one in the city. So, because they are the only ones, they try to take advantage of that.
Those who didn't have a chance to catch on that article can visit see latest publications and see the July 27 issue on page one. Their statistics say that the average user of the monthly card earns $60, 000 a year, and for this reason they plan to cut the "unlimited" and limit us to 90 rides. Or increase the monthly metrocard to $104.00, eliminate the daily and increase the weekly to $29. It's bad as it is already, they first increased fares to pay for new rides we didn't ask for, and to over kill us they cut services. Just as if things are not bad enough in our public schools the attendance is bad, they also planned to cut the student card. Does it sounds like they want the best for us?
This sound like if your life insurance agent says "you have $600, 000 in coverage for $218 per month" come back later to tell you "Mr client, insure you have become expensive, please pay $220 per month for a 585 K in coverage." and then the same year the same agent come back "We have to increase your premium to $240 while we decrease your coverage to $400, 000" my question is, What do you do with that agent? yeah is exactly what I would do with MTA. MTA is trying to take us as fools, we should not allow that.
AM New York has published a ton of articles on the MTA, one that got me thinking was that one of how much they pay on vacations. These people get more vacation time than anybody. On top that MTA pays double shift, over-time, and vacations to people on vacations, they hire new drivers to take over those on vacations. Let see, average pay is 23 per hour, that's good if is only one driver, they hire a second driver who gets an average of 23 to replace the driver who... Wait, that's an average of $46 an hour for one single spot. Do that sound fair to you?
Further more they give away "recovery time" to those attacked on duty either get spit or slapped... Guys that's wrong these people like you they go out to make a living, some have a nasty attitude, you say hello to them and they act like you asked them for $50 dollars, some are nice and do the work right like that lady on the Q11 going toward the mall. I used to take that bus at 9:30AM on Woodhaven and Jamaica. She makes sure everybody is secure, call the stops ahead, she makes sure pregnant, seniors (no HS seniors lol), disabled are seated before starting the bus. OK I rode out my topic, some are not like her, some have a terrible attitude but no to take it that far. These people you pick them in the street and surely can beat you up or can take a beating, they get spit on the but and they get "traumatized", they get slapped and well you go to jail and they go on paid vacations and psychologist which add up more. WHO PAY THE BILL? we do
I love the new rides, but I think they should have find the way to fix the system, make it work on time before adding up stuff they were not sure they would pay.
WE HAVE TO SHOW THE MTA WHO IS THE BOSS. Remember when the MTA went on strike? causing the city tremendous loss because some of us didn't make it to work on time. Guys that's so wrong, made them look like they are the boss. Let me ask you something, Who pay you? your boss right, or you get paid from some business you have. Who pay them MTA? us right, so if the boss pay the employee and we pay to the MTA what does that make us? exactly we are the boss. Imagine if the city come together and decide no to use MTA but other transportation means, how about those who can't afford it call vacations at the same time. MTA still have to pay their workers, and have to run their vehicles "in case" someone decide to come out of the strike. Will that result in loss to MTA? yes. MTA should learn to treat us better.

I heard something about stopping Microsoft from becoming a monopoly, why do we allow MTA become one? They are the largest Transit system in the world yet the most deficient. What's the point of being so large when you can't serve at all. I look at NJtransit, these trains say I'd be there at x hour x minutes, they are mostly on time or late for a minute, the bus is about the same, the train station stream some relaxing music while you wait, as well as some interruption on the music to give you announcement that I can understand. I hate when I miss the 7 AM Saturday train to Morristown though. I have to wait one hour to get it again. But not running away from my topic, I meant NJtransit is small system compared to MTA (combining LIRR and Metro North) yet they are far more efficient (up to what I see) IF WE ARE THE EMPIRE STATE OF THE WORLD with some many billionaires, why don't they come together and start their own transit system? Why MTA is allowed to bear NYCT? Does that mean they will be the only ones? If so, why is Screwdential err PRUDENTIAL, METLIFE, NILICO, NBL allowed to do business in the same state where New York Life do business? hey they carry NY on their name if MTA must be the only one because of the NYCT thing, that mean those life insurance companies shouldn't because NYL is in NY and carry NY on it name.

Here are some swing and misses from MTA
  • "please get off through the rear door" awesome the bus instruct me to use the back door to get out. How come I have to yell to the driver to open the back door?
  • G train to Court SQ at all times. Awesome, now anybody riding the train late nights have to take the G, then E then R. In the better case wait for just one train instead of 2 That's genius MTA
  • Let no talk about eliminating buses please
  • LOONG wait for the second avenue line. Knowing MTA they will be done past 2016 as a matter of fact sorry to tell you this guys but some of you reading this might not live to see that line working. Hopefully the time machine become a reality and someone come from the future to show it to you.
  • Lets no talk about eliminating some cleaning crew please.
  • Cutting monthly cards to 90 rides, eliminating 1 day and 7 days cards and possibly the 14 days cards: Well let me tell you something, you can increase to $104 and people still buy it. But some like me might use more than 90 trips because of the work we do. Either sales person, messenger, etc. Others don't use 90 trips at all. Plus is possible we don't get transfers on that card. Eliminating the single day, 7 days and 14 days is stupid first this is a tourist city some come to the USA stop in NY for a day and use the one day pass to travel through the city, number two still stupid specially if you are planning to limit the monthly card. What if we run out of passes we need a shorter term to complete the month don't you think MTA?
  • Thinking of removing student cards
  • The train still arrives late even though it tells you is coming in one minute shows up in two
  • Removing station's crews which mean more people urinating on public space example a bench on 28 street on the 6 train, people trying to sell swipe, vandals damaging machines so they sell you a swipe, and families left without income. Bravo MTA I love you
  • I might say the second avenue subway will ease the overcrowded Lex avenue line
  • Upper East Side Access
  • M train from Queens through Brooklyn, through Manhattan to Queens again. Well it supplies the stops the V used to run and the full time stops of the original M train. Sorry belt pkway riders. I think you have to stick with messed up F train. I forgot to include the slow this train is on the misses of the MTA
  • Tap and go could work, if they create a monthly pass, and the privilege to transfer like we do with metrocards. Some people swipe either too fast or too slow causing halt on lines to turnstile on busy stations in the morning
  • Card fare: Well I favor this for environmental reasons. The MTA should e mail to those in their database instructions on how to refill their cards, as well as have booklets on their stations explaining the process. By the way, MTA crew on the booth would forget how to refill a card don't ask them. Applying a dollar fare on a new card purchase will help you to cherish your card and don't throw it away. Just like you do with your laundry card. Bravo MTA!
  • R 160
  • The clock now shows when the train will arrive still need a lot of work though
  • Bus only lane

The whole point is. What are we paying for?

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