Friday, September 10, 2010


Yesterday I'm in the train with my girlfriend, I see so many stuff going on, but one that called my attention was this very outspoken mute man, yes as you heard an outspoken mute man. Immediately I started to think and to question myself: Do we come with the wrong gift? Or do we think we are better that the other one?
I was riding the train with my girlfriend, she decided to give up her seat to the female companion of this guy. I stood up to give him the seat but he rejected it, I offered it to my girlfriend and she rejected it too (not sure what was happening with my seat that I was giving it away and got rejected twice) but this guy made an effort to thank us, I quickly found out he can understand us but can't talk. In sign language through his female companion, and directly talking to my girlfriend (she understands a little of sign language) we were having a great conversation, we even laughed like crazy for the next 6 stops (18 minutes).
The funny thing is I come across by so many people you can consider normal they can talk back to you, they can hold a conversation with you. YET nobody do that you say good morning and you get looked at as abnormal like if you have a mental illness. I had a good time participating in a conversation with someone who wasn't given the gift of talking, yet the desire to communicate.
We felt so impacted by this, even my girlfriend said in joke Vic you are a great guy if I wasn't dating you, that's the kind of person I would be with... Ok that was too much information but I understood what she meant. Someone actually decided to give part of his time to share with us, someone actually had the education to not only thank us but talk to us.
I said sometime ago on my Facebook page "how come God denied teeth to the ones who have what to chew, the ones who want to chew, and give teeth to those who have what to chew but are to lazy to chew" and is related to the fact that many people see possibility, many people like my friend Jay A. want to do something great with his life, but are somewhat limited can't do nothing but want badly do something big. In the other hand there are people with no so much limits they can do it all, are picky, don't see themselves doing something great with their life, lack ambition... Well that's another blog entry.
What is true though is the fact that sometimes we misuse or don't use our gifts enough. Life is a gift everything you have is a gift, go and use it. That guy I spoke about earlier wasn't given a voice, but a great personality and the desire to communicate with others, the desire to say hey I'm alive and I will impact your life TODAY, I came and I don't give a ^&*$# I can't talk like you, hey this is all I've got to communicate with you.
I'm leaving with this: Doesn't matter the difficulties you face, you still in position to do something great, something that perhaps you don't see yourself doing. In the end, we didn't come to this world to waste our life, we all have a mission or purpose, is up to you to find it and exploit it, to benefit you and others.

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