Friday, August 20, 2010

Limitations to other's vision

"Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world." 
Arthur Schopenhauer
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I remember posting on my facebook page this quote that was May this year. I immediately received many comments from my friends and some messages asking me about this quote what do I think it means. It sounds mean, omg this is a so depressing quote etc.
I'm gonna tell you something, I don't know that in deep what it means neither. But everybody have their own version on this quote. Originally published in the studies on pessimism. To be honest I haven't read that probably would take a look at it sometime even though I want nothing to do with pessimism. 
Sometimes we do stuff and usually compare to what others have done. It's very normal to see a very successful lawyer and his/her children become lawyers, it comes to a generation that they just do it. They don't have passion for that but is all they know because dad did it, grandpa did it. Also is very normal seeing farmers staying farmers, rich grow even more rich the poor gets more poor. WHY? well the rich found a secret that they can transfer to their children lucky them. With the time they apply their improve over what they had and you know that's more money. 
The poor on the other hand would stay there, hey dad worked everyday in the factory and raised me at least he raised me, yes I want to go to Disney, Hawaii but that's just fantasy I know my feet would not go to those places there's no way I can get there with the money I get but this is all I can do what do you want me to do, steal?
And that's the problem I see, well now I see it. I recently had the opportunity to listen to Earl's Nightingale's The strangest secret where he defines success as the constant realization of an ideal meaning hey if you are doing what you are doing and you are happy, then you are successful. Ok if that's you this might not be your posting, I'm talking to those that are not happy where they are at. Why you do what you do? why aren't you trying something different?
In the USA we live in a free market economy, you have a skill? then you can make a business out of it, you have an idea, you can make money with it. You are the best in your class best barber, best cook, best hair stylist in town then you can definitely have a lot of clients coming to you looking for your services. The question is why aren't you moving to the next level? Guys right now I'm silent, my brain is talking through my hands, and I'm gonna tell you. I want to move to the next level. Currently I'm full-time entrepreneur starting in my own business supported by a company. I want to move forward and be one of the top in my class. What is stopping you? what is stopping me?
I was born to a lower middle class couple coming from a town where we had no electricity until 1990, roads made out of dirt where you would be happy when rain come so it would wash away the dust out of your house and vehicles wont lift dust for days. But then would curse for so much mud being dragged on your shoes. My grandfather didn't make it past 6th grade, one of them didn't even go to school, my mother finished 8th grade, my father was skipped from 6th to 8th grade but quit. He never had in mind coming to the USA, to us we were just a Dominican family who would live there like everybody else. We ended up in the United states my father came in 91 my mother seven years later my three brothers and I came in 2001. But I grew up to 16 years old in those conditions, I never in my life expected to be part of a big organization, being in position to have my own business. I see how far I've come and you know what I still afraid of taking the next step. I heard from someone in the business I'm in that you don't lose fear, but you learn to manage your fear, work around it. (Raymond Young) I gotta be honest that's blew my mind away because is true. See, doesn't matter what you do, you will always have to look for someone's advice because you have your doubts. 
Another reason why people don't go to the next level and this is where the quote comes in to my understanding. People always look for ways to excuse themselves from doing something new, often seeing the failures others had. "this guy tried that and failed" "yeah such and such son tried and he's back to farming we are people of farming not that" I admire the caution of some, but is also a flaw. See, you was made totally different from me, I don't care if you know me and know me so well that you are my brother. We were raised under the same family, but I'm totally different from you. In fact you can find on google video "maintaining a positive attitude" where Les Brown make reference to his twin Brother. TWINS and they still different Les go for all positive don't blow my positive bubble while his brother reads the paper and not leaving away the obituaries.
You were made with unique capabilities that make you different from every single individual in your environment. Yeah you will find similarities with someone but everybody is different. If certain person failed at something, hey doesn't mean you would fail. Only if that's your mindset that's where the quote comes in. If John failed, Marie failed that mean I'm gonna fail too. Well what you don't know is that John and Marie went in for money ignoring the value and their skills, well they probably became good at it with the time. But blinded by money, putting too much pressure on themselves, not doing the right thing. You don't know why they failed. And here you are wanting to do something great with your life but you don't want to because you are afraid of failure, you have fears. Because others have put limitations to you visions, you saw someone crash while trying to reach their dreams. I'm gonna leave now but I would leave you with a question.
and to answer that question I would invite you to read my previous posting in order to answer that question.

What's better trying and probably succeeding, Or never making a move and then live with the wonder of what would have been if I tried?

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