Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11

Just a typical morning in new york before september 11, 2001

This entry is a bit nostalgic. Ten Years ago at this same hour many people suffered. I know I have readers in the countries that may not see United States with good eyes, I have readers in the entire world. I want you to start thinking if all actions taken by both sides are correct.
Ten years ago many people left for work leaving family behind and promising to come back, leaving pregnant women, dropping kids at school. many others just took a flight that never landed, others like me were looking for school and got forced to walk many miles on foot, many others went to rescue others and never came back, in the best cases they suffered visible and invisible injuries that may never heal, we all got hurt that day.
While many others decided over the lives of thousands of people. WHY? because these under attack had a different color of skin, believed in a different method of politics, had a different religious view. If you think they deserved what they got, I would like you to think for a moment how would your family feel if one morning you left and never came back.
You know what's that really make me mad? Religion was supposed to be a set of teachings from whatever God you follow, it was supposed to guide society to be better. Yet because we follow different religious some say Gehovah is the lord, others say Allah is the lord, some say is Buddha. At the end of the day doesn't matter who was the lord, whoever the lord was, was somebody good guiding the society to be better. We don't know who the lord truly was. What if all of us are right and God in reality were many of them just that they decided to divide what they were to govern. I mean you are the head of your household but you can't be the head household at your brother's house. What if that's the case? what if in the end there's Allah, Buddha, Muhammad, Jehovah all of them.
They all would like us all to behave well. How would they feel about today? today their children went to war against each other ten years ago. I think is time we take a good look at each other and start to cooperate with each other doesn't matter what religion we follow. After September 2011 I attended a great High School in New York with people from many religions, many of those are readers of this blog, they are my friends or aquaintances, Ironically many of them came to the United States running from the war US vs their country. This is why my facebook, myspace, tagged, hi5, google profile is blank on 'religious view' and politic because politics and religions are the disgrace of the world.
Today you are sitting here reading, lucky you and lucky me who typed this for you to read. What I want you to know is that you have a gift that's is life, what do you do with it? that rests for you to learn, just go and make a difference with your life. God gave you a new chance to live, go take full advantage of it. What if your life were to end suddenly? you never know, and you never know how would it end. Ten years ago, there thousands lost didn't know how was going to end, these in wars despite being in a war didn't know when, where, how but it happened.

Let's do something more productive with our lives besides hating each other. We only have one life we can't screw it up and get a new chance like in the videogames, we don't respawn like in Call of Duty.

Just remember this, we all have a "built date" we all know when was it. But we all also have an expiration date but we don't know when it is. Even those hospitalized with horrible injuries after 9/11 didn't know when was their expiration date. What would you do before that date approaches?

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