Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What are our richnesses?

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Clockwise Drake, Mariano Rivera, Eminem and Jose Reyes. Those are people we clap to, the question is Where are you in this picture? Yes you are the money that give them so much fame, when will you become MVP?

Today I woke up with my head booming in thoughts I felt alive, I even penned down what would be my very first video entry. I later check my inbox to find a great video by John C Maxwell regarding richness. I felt so highly about this video that I posted it on victor's space Facebook group. I soon found someone not rich enough. This individual instead of asking me directly who is John C Maxwell decided to show his ignorance by bombarding. "Oh drake is rich and younger than Johnny"
Nothing against Drake but he won't make a seminar to make me better singer, he won't write a book to inspire me to pick myself up after defeats, he won't write a book to show me how not to fall again. I participated of a webinar with Les Brown and John C Maxwell a few months ago. Nobody would take 1 hour of his time to teach me to be a good leader.Well I also have to thank those I'm in business with, teachers and parents for helping me become who I am today and setting up who I will be in the future.
You guys know is baseball season. As a Mets fan all I'm rooting for is for Jose Reyes to win the batting title. I am a huge Jose Reyes, Derek Jeter, David Ortiz, Mariano Rivera congratulations to him for becoming the all time leader in saves, and Pujols fan. All of them are great human beings, but I won't go to a blog to defend their careers because none of them would teach me nothing, and even if they come out of their game to teach me to be a better hitter, I will never make it to the major leagues. Teams are interested in young talents who they would build around for years to come. You have to be damn good to be a rookie at age 28. I am a huge baseball fan but I would not brawl over baseball. You see, I know I don't have the voice to be a singer so I don't care about Drake, Eminem and company. At the end of the day, brawling over baseball, brawling over Drake, Eminem wont make me money. They don't care all they care about is that I buy their music. 
The problem is we live in a society where hip hop dominates, some kid write a song and come to take money away from others, someone can throw a ball through a hoop, can hit a ball with a stick, kick a ball and thousands pay hundreds to see "this talent" but few pick up a book that can help them on something. I attended Maxwell and Brown's webinar obviously they both invited me to come over to their seminar (that's one way they make money) the result would be become a better leader. Drake and Jose Reyes would never have a seminar to make me better at their trade. Reyes is busy trying to turn his franchise around, he would rather spend time of his time off teaching 12 year old boys how to play the came and doing some community services (which is great) Why would I spend time brawling online over Eminem, Drake, Jose Reyes, time that I could spend reading a self improvement book, listening to a self improvement CD and potentially learning something new.  I purchase a CD from Eminem and the more I can do is start cursing people out. Is that what I want? I purchase a ticket and go to a game good time but I gave away money to see the team I root for lose. In the worst case my hero in this case Reyes gets injured during the game and there it goes my money. Even if my team win I win nothing from it. I could have read a book from any good leader and maybe next time my best friend don't quit my business.
The other big problem is that we have a society rich in youth but poor in brain. We decide is good to spend time wasting our life, investing in meaningless stuff rather than spend time building our brain. "Victor I'm Dumb" Well I have news for you player the best thing about humans is that we are adaptable it doesn't matter how you are at some point in your life you start building yourself around and becoming better at something. The question I have for you is when? When would you start to change your life? If you were to look at me I may not be up there yet, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that with the potential I have I can go really far. I have to admit too that I should work harder I'm not working hard enough. The problem with many of us is that we tend to throw the towel too early, the problem with some of us is that we tend to think we are the hardest working person in the world.
Mariano Rivera being interviewed after his 602 save passed Trevor Hoffman (601) making him the all time leader said.
I don't believe I'm good, I let people to say it I don't say it... In fact I'm surprised you are calling me good.
This guy recorded at least 43 saves in 7 seasons 42 saves in post season with a ridiculous 0.71 ERA and he thinks he's not good yet.
According to an article on Wikipedia on Ichiro Suzuki one of the most prolific hitters in baseball. His father put him in High School baseball and the first thing he said to his coach was "No matter how good Ichiro is, don't ever praise him. We have to make him spiritually strong." he wanted Ichiro not to get prizes too early and think he's that good. As a result the man has hit over 300 in all seasons except the current where he's currently hitting 272. He still think he's not that good at age 37. Led the league in hits seven times.
Ike Davis Mets' most powerful hitter when praised for his phenomenal Rookie season 15 games into 2011 season said "Just let me know what I'm doing wrong I don't like to think I'm doing everything correct"
All those professional athletes believe they haven't give their best yet. My question is, What have you done to believe you done it all? Why do you think you got to the top?  You know why they don't want to admit they are good already? Because when you don't grow you die, if you think you are good, you start taking it easy and when you come to realize, you are in the back of the pack.
The video Maxwell team sent me to my inbox doesn't speak about richness in money and people tend to think that they are poor. I have news for you if you have an income of 7 million per year but your house haven't see a visitor in years, you have a lot of people around but you feel they despise you, you are as poor as that other guy who have nothing but 19 dollars in his bank account. Wait that's a lot of money in many countries, if you don't have many people who can say anything good about you, you are as poor as that family with only $19 Dominican Pesos in their bank account. You have to make yourself rich inside, make people to want to be around you, make people obsessed about you. You have to make sure you grow inside and make yourself indispensable for your boss. You want that promotion? go ahead get that extra skill that you require, pick a self improvement book. Those who know me well know that I was always very shy and reserved I made it through High School and some college and I never read in public. (hope my teachers don't take points away from me at this stage in my life) but I was so shy that I would shiver standing in front of the classroom knowing that all eyes are on me. Luckily I took some speech classes in college and learned to dominate that. Did I made myself richer? yes in skills.
But what matters more is the person you are, what may make people to always remember you. Jenn is a rare breed, she gets in the train and she somehow manage to start a conversation with a complete stranger, we get to any place and I can tell you sometimes is so intense that if Jenn was to ask the phone number to some people, they would drop the number to her with no complaint. She's extremely communicative, what's funny is that she actually gets nervous thinking of just talking to somebody. The difference is that she faces her fear and talk. She could have chosen just not to talk and free herself of that torment, she refuses to run away. If you ask me what's one characteristic I admire in that young woman I would pick this all the times.
Doesn't matter how many millions you make, those millions would someday get expended, what would never be spent is those qualities you acquire through your lifetime and pass it from generation through generations. It could probably make you immortal (not physically) but you will for sure live in people's mind forever.

Talk to you in a next entry

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