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Kony 2012 How much power social networking actually have?

Official campaign in The United States against Kony reminding both parties that whoever wins to not forget about Kony

In the past few days the internet, the blog sphere, youtube has been on fire with the video shown above. If you have a spare half an hour and you haven't see this video, just watch it. It was so crazy the impact I saw a friend sharing this link yesterday at 7AM before I went to work. By the time I got to work 14 friends shared this link, by lunch time it doubled. This video have been watched at an average of 9.5 million views a day. At the time I'm typing this line I read 70,909,478 views Posted .
What makes this video so special? How did it gain so much fame?

Well let me tell you, is about people, Two days ago I didn't know who Joseph Kony was and I'm likely just like you who learned about Kony because everybody is talking about him on your facebook newsfeed or twitter. Why don't we know of the atrocities he has been committing for 26 years? I tell you why. We live in a narcissistic society consumed by glamour and our own selves, we live in a "not my business society" the media wont report something that has nothing to do with the area they are from and unfortunately the news of Joseph Kony went as far as the countries surrounding Uganda. His army is a big as the NYPD 30,000 all of them abducted "orphan" children. I quoted orphan because there's a reason they are orphan. He forces them to commit the biggest crime a human being can commit and that's killing their own parents and immediate family. That's why he doesn't have family members trying to take their children away from him. 30,000 rebels without a cause just seeking to kill, mutilate probably steal. If I was you, I should be very concerned. Sure they are not an army of let say hundred thousand, don't have any nuclear weapon. But 30,000 with the wrong intentions that's just too many people.
It gets even worse, because society have been so self consumed, sometimes just being stupid posting ridiculous ads on craigslist, posting meaningless status updates, checking in in their bathroom, bed etc (that's stupid) rather than use that time to do something better for society. Hold that thought people I'm coming back to this. Because of people being so self consumed, we don't really know if the army grew, what kind of technology he has, what kind of weapons he has. And to be honest I would never know about Kony, Why? because the media in the USA would never air that story, maybe once and then get erased from memory with something that happened in New Jersey or one neighborhood from New York or California. If it wasn't because of the man behind this video, if it wasn't because of my facebook peers spamming Facebook posting this link, I would never know.
Remember I say we can do better for society? this is what I'm talking about. Russia and Mexico two countries I haven't visit and I live thousands of miles away from those countries are my top 2 and 3 readers. Maybe you are in Uganda reading this. I'm in United States, but here we have no boundaries Facebook, Twitter have become some sort of cyber country bigger than United States and Russia together and to be honest more powerful than a weapon. Why? Because is fed by the ideas of regular people like you and me. If you move toward minute #20  of the video above, in 2010 Obama sent troops to aid in the capture of Kony that was because they got fed up with the massive campaign the group Invisible children was doing on Facebook and beyond. See? we can annoy the government sometimes and force them into taking action. The good thing of social networking is that we can share an idea across the world as slow as 2 hours and to be honest no plane takes two hours from Japan to New York, we have broken the speed barriers, is time to put it to use for better, for a better society. You know what's even better about this? You watch the news and you may not see it again, but Youtube is a blessing, you can just continue playing over and over and sharing the video again and again just to keep the memories fresh.
Sometimes an idea can take you far. In this case film maker Jason Russell and two friends traveled to Uganda in 2003, they come across this hell, decide to take matters in hands delivering raw footage, talking to people in Washington but nobody heard them. Why? Again self absorbed society. Since there's not economic interest, and the USA safety wasn't endangered, that's not our war. But they were strong about their idea, their fight and decided to continue fighting. They created the association called "invisible children inc" in allusion to the fact that nobody knew of these children's suffering or some saw and ignored. Well let's make those children visible that was the idea behind it. Their dedication, motivation, hard work led the United States to send troops to help. Now they are pushing to keep everybody aware, and make sure United States don't withdraw. Why would United States be involved. Well I have two reasons. Number one, is a major power, and two you don't know what can happen if we let Kony in anonymity to continue his atrocities, what if he decides to invade other countries? Oh now is your problem right?
Usually I watch this channel on youtube is this guy who plays Hitler, how Hitler would react to today's society, I watch it, only because I know how evil Hitler was I decided to take a look at what he thinks of Kony (see link below) one thing that had me laughing hysterically was that he said "Sick monster" Now, I'm not justifying Hitler I'm not offending here I know I have some Jewish readers please don't take this out of context. Comparing both monsters nobody is more perverse than Kony I don't know if is because I'm leaving in the era of Kony not Hitler. Hitler committed serious crimes, Kony is committing serious crimes making matters worse is committing them on his own people, the people he should be defending, what's worse is against children, more than a million left their houses running away from his army of abducted children trying to protect their own. If they try to escape, they die, he revived slavery only for women. He make girls his sex slaves, IS TIME TO PUT A STOP ON THIS, I mean, I time to make a change. And yet he gets even worse. he talks about peace, Talks about the lord in fact his army's name is "lord resistance army" he talks about peace but send the children he "recruit" to kill the parents, talks about peace while causing even more tragedies. I hope you understand why I categorize Kony as more perverse than Hitler. Hitler? we can't do nothing about him, he's still alive as a character on Youtube that's it. But Kony is alive is time to stop him.
When internet started decades ago, I didn't know what a computer was, those of you who were lucky enough to know one at young age probably didn't expect that a keyboard and a screen would give so much power. Right now he's very afraid, right now he's trembling in fear. He's trying to run away with his massive army. But he can't hide, he went from a Mr. Somebody only in Uganda to a well known individual in matter of just two days. Now the world know who he is, how he looks like. He can't hide for too long. Now, before you post the next pointless status update, check in at your own bedroom (I can't believe Facebook allow a bed to be a venue) think, think on an idea you want to share, something you want to change, the world probably share the same idea you have and you will be heard loud and clear.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend

Associated Press
Hitler funny skit In German. CC in English

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