Monday, April 9, 2012

Trayvon Martin, when injustice knocks

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On another note, Trayvon's case really  hit a nerve for future and existing parents. This can be a landmark case it may change our justice system for good. It's sad that some young life had to be taken away, I hope Trayvon's death wasn't in vain. So pass this around if you feel the same.
Another situation I exposed here was that shown in "Facebook parenting for the troubled teenager" a hot video getting even Dr Phil involved. To me, Tommy Jordan took it as far as required, I mean I spend hundreds of dollars getting a laptop to my daughter, then spend hundreds of dollars on new softwares and I find that my investment is being used against me, well yes I have reasons to go mad.
Problems in New York Schools well you just read what I wrote above, teenagers are trouble and they may do anything to catch attention, the news of the moment in New York is sexual assaults in school by teachers, one was found to have sexual content involving children, another one had a solid relationship with a 16yo for many years. Well I think they are now riding on this accusing teachers of molestation when possibly all they did was just look, or handshake or pat the kid's shoulder.

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